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Please help me, 2 problems?

I am really really really depressed. This is a recent thing that has been happening, not like normal moodswings or anything. I have been totally content and happy one hour, and then feeling like I have nothing to live for.

I’m 14 and a freshman girl. I really don’t like my new school, so I’m transferring to a new school in about a month, so I don’t think school is really affecting my mood since I kinda get to fix that problem soon.

I think what mainly is to blame is my weight and stuff. I’m 5’10 and 135 pounds. Most people say that is the perfect weight, but I am unhappy being like a size 7 or so in jeans, and really want to change it. My main problem areas are my stomach (the ‘spare tire’), my thighs, and my butt/hips. I weighed about 160 in September, so have lost weight. But honestly, I have been extreme dieting, like 600 calories a day at the most, for about 2 months. That is why the weight has come off so quickly. Starting this month, I realized that this eating habit was not okay, and it probably was the main reason I became really unhappy.

I really love and enjoy food, and to deprive myself like that has obviously added to my unhappiness. And now that I have started to eat a little more (and exercise more) this month, all I can think about is gaining it back and not being able to loose anymore. And I really don’t want either of those to happend 🙁 !!

I do have alot to be happy about… My family is very wealthy, they care about me alot, I make friends well, and I am just a very individual down to earth person. But my self-confidence has gone way down since starting high school. I really don’t think that it is because of other people, but I just feel that I’m not in denial about my weight anymore.

So I just took an online bipolar quiz, which I could totally tell I might be before even looking at the results, just by the questions they asked, and it said I probably was. I feel like I am maybe suffering from depression or am bipolar.

When I was not eating very much, I would get so depressed because I felt that without the enjoyment of food and just basic things like that, I had nothing to live for, and life was so pointless. I still feel like that a little. I am also just not happy or content with anything in my life really. I miss out on alot of parties and outings, just because I really feel that I look like shiit, and have nothing to wear that I look good in, and am very depressed.

If you read that whole thing, thank you. I am really unhappy and just want advice.

For my weight issue, I know that I am VERY stubborn, and will not be entirely happy until I loose the last 10 or so pounds that I really want to loose, to just look good in a basic t-shirt without having a gross little belly, or have the jiggle on the inner thighs!!! So, I am just scared that now that I have lost weight so quickly, that I will not be able to loose the last 10 pounds the RIGHT way, before i go to a new school in 1* month. So please, any advice on how to loose it in ONE month. I try to run at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes. I want to be like a normal person my age, eat the things I want to, not alot or anything, because I really am not a pig, but I want to stop when I’m full. I want to be normal, and fit, like someone my age should be.. I don’t want to have to be like a middle aged women, always counting calories and constantly thinking and planning meals, I’m only 14. Any advice on how to loose this weight AND KEEP IT OFF would be appreciated.

Now for my depression… Any thoughts on what it might be? I don’t know whether to give it time or go to a doctor or something. Or could a doctor even do anything?? I am not really looking for someone to tell me that my weight is fine and I should feel better about it, I want my mood to feel better, and the strength to get fit and stay fit, and be a normal teenager! I have talked to my parents about just being unhappy and sometimes feeling like I have nothing to live for, and that I was extremely unhappy with my body, and yes, they care, and want me to be happy… but I don’t think they have any way of fixing the problem or trying to. So, any suggestions?

Again, to anyone who answers, Thank you so much. I really do feel weird and desperate putting all of this on here, but it can’t hurt i guess 🙂
Reading the bitchy answers I was just left literally has me in tears. I didn’t spend a half an hour trying to put what I’m going through into words to be called a rich brat. My dad has worked so hard for his money, left my mom, married a porn star, had another kid, got divorced, and now is married to an A-list actress. THAT IS ALOT TO GO THROUGH BETWEEN 5 years old – 10 years old. I have been through things that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. I am actually not a brat at all, let me make that clear. I want help, I don’t want to live like this, be unhappy.

All I wanted was someone to give me a helpful, supportive advice, because I really want to be able to enjoy everything life has to offer and everything I have been blessed with, without being this depressed.

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5 Responses to “Please help me, 2 problems?”

  1. Bailey B said :

    Stay positive and u will do fine

  2. Luvless_lifeless said :


  3. Fanpire<3 said :

    guess what
    135 pounds for your height is really skinny
    and stop being such a brat….just from reading that i want to slap u because ur rich, skinny, and ur complaining about it?
    stop being depressed and appreciate your life

  4. Judy B said :

    You should see your doctor as soon as possible,

    You are underweight, not overweight and likely have an eating disorder. Depression is a common side effect of low calorie intake and is also often associated with eating disorders and may be part of the cause.

    Show your doctor this question and tell him/her that you wrote it.

  5. HerHuggyBunny said :

    Your weight is perfect.
    “A 70-inch tall, 135-pound, 14-year-old girl has a body mass index (BMI) of 19.4, which is at the 51st percentile for age. This suggests that this girl is at a healthy weight. A healthy weight range for this particular girl would be from about 118-pounds to 162-pounds.”


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