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Why do people say if you lose weight fast, you put it all back on again?

How is that possible unless you come off your diet plan and start gorging yourself silly? If you just continue to eat healthily and sensibly, you can’t put the weight back on, surely?

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10 Responses to “Why do people say if you lose weight fast, you put it all back on again?”

  1. Chubewanagrakferssw said :

    because due to the fast weight loss, you are unable to continue a sensible diet as its proven in most of the times.

  2. Mr. J said :

    the only way to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week is to starve yourself or do something severely calorie restricting like chocolate shakes, the master cleanse, or the cabbage soup diet.

    your body goes into starvation mode after 3 days of getting less than 800 calories. then it starts sucking the glucose out of the fat in your system to keep itself on. when you resume your normal diet, no matter how healthy it is, your body stores the fat because its preparing for another starvation cycle. unfortunately you cannot trick your brain or stomach into knowing that its not going to happen again

  3. porscheLover said :

    theres different reasons why, mainly because everyone is different. some can succeed in their diet but a few months later they will just go back to their old lifestyle and old eating habits. for some people, obesity is hereditary. and for other people, when they lose weight instead of burning off the fat cells, their fat cells only shrink, but are still there-which leads to them actually needing to eat as much as they did before their diet. it really just depends on the person

  4. Mehran.S said :

    if you lose it fast then you can easily go back to the diet you had .
    that is bad.

  5. Empress said :

    Because if you lose the weight too quickly you will have changed your metabolism meaning that your body will start storing fat more easily. Also it is impossible to lose weight too fast if you are eating healthily and sensibly. If you lose it too fast it means you are not being sensible, it would be impossible to keep it up and at some point you will slip.

  6. NOOBLMAO said :

    “If you just continue to eat healthily and sensibly,”

    That’s a huge IF because rapid weight loss causes so many hormonal imbalances in your body that your appetite will be much larger and your metabolism will be slower after the weight loss than before it.

  7. babygirlsart said :

    Well thats simple, basically when you’re in a rush, you will tend to do anything possible. Whereas when you take your time, and have relistic weight goals in mind, then you will see better results for the future, and you will actually keep the weight off.

  8. Same_but_different said :

    Well, the theory is that if you lose weight quickly you must have gone on a crash diet – ie dramatically cut out various foods from your diet – or cut out whole meals. This is such a shock to the system that it isn’t sustainable as you will end up craving things. Inevitably you’ll eventually give in to those cravings and binge.

    A gradual weight loss shows that you’ve changed your diet in a sensible way and maybe joined a gym, so that over time the new regime is sustainable and effective.

  9. Dragon said :

    Hi Dear

    It is all about Life style changes people need to make. As soon as the Target weight is achieved people think they have conquered the World and they go back to their regular ways

  10. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    Losing weight is the easy bit and keeping it off is the hard bit.

    The rule of thumb is that you should never lose more than 2 lbs or 1 kg per week as haste leads to waste (a wasted effort). You have to be patient and slow and steady is the way to go.


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