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Which lose weight diet plan the most reliable?

I am 23 years old now with 89KG.I need a lose weight diet plan that good and harmless for me..

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2 Responses to “Which lose weight diet plan the most reliable?”

  1. Deshaun said :

    Most people don’t realize how much waste can be trapped inside our bodies. Experts estimate that most people have 10-15 of waste trapped to the inside of their colon walls. Imagine how unhealthy this is with all these toxins sitting inside us. Oprah had a guest on her show that talked about how we need to make sure that we clean our bodies of this rubbish.

  2. lordgiap said :

    There is no most reliable weight diet plan.It’s depend on yourself.You need to be dedicated when you are trying to loss weight.No body gong to help you accept yourself. You have no Less oil,Less Sit, and Less sleep from now on.Taking acai berry and regular work out would be your best essence for now.

    Follow my table:
    -Healthy food
    -Sleep Well
    -Work out regulary
    -Fruits works well,apple,acai berry(recommended)

    Good Luck!


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