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When you lose weight off your stomach will the skin go back or will there just be baggy skin around the front?

When you lose weight ( around your stomach) will your skin go back in or will there just be baggy skin around the front?

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11 Responses to “When you lose weight off your stomach will the skin go back or will there just be baggy skin around the front?”

  1. Kim said :

    The skin will normally tighten right back up, so no worries.
    Just make sure if you are trying to loose weight to put body moisturizing lotion to help it bounce back to place and avoid stretch marks!

  2. Juli said :

    If you lose it properly over a gradual amount of time– it will contract on it’s own. But if you lose it too quickly, or lose a drastically large amount, it wont, and surgery will be needed to remove the excess skin.

    When losing weight– anywhere, you should try not to lose more then 1-3 lbs per week. this gives you body a chance to adjust to the changes, so you don’t end up with excess skin.

  3. Geo said :

    if you lose it to fast that will happen and need to get surgery to remove it but if you gradually remove it then the skin will go back if thats what you mean

  4. Dr Akram said :

    Of course it will go back. Your skin is elastic. If doesn’t then all women after being pregnant will be saggy. It may take a few months to go back if you lose soo much weight really quickly. But the rule is one way or the other, your skin is elastic tissue, and always recoils.

    best of luck,
    Dr Akram

  5. Dggad said :

    nahh, ive got almost zero fat on my stomach…and it’s like rock hard…yeah, it’s sort of elastic type…but that’s alright

  6. SLIM said :

    I lost 110 Pounds in 10 Months a few years back, and have struggled with lose Skin on my stomach since then! I haven’t tried the oils and what not too much, although I did try a few things, with no luck. I had a consultation with a Dr. to have a procedure done to get it fixed, and it was $6,000. So, I have been trying to save my money.
    It really depends how much weight you are talking about though. If it’s a matter of you losing 20-30-40 pounds then I’m sure you will be quite fine, if not I have heard Fish Oil, and/Or Vitamin E helps.

  7. FT said :

    It will tone-up as young skin still has its elasticity. The older you get, the harder it would be.

  8. perfection said :

    It will usually tighten up. You’d have to lose an extreme amount of weight to be left with loose skin.

  9. chiropteraprotega said :

    not if you lose weight the healthy way. people usually only get this if the skin has been severly stretched (obesity) and suddenly gone down, like with gastric bands, crash diets and other invasive procedures. as long as you drink plenty of water (to keep the skin’s elasticity) and exercise regularly the skin will ‘shrink to fit’ it can also happen (though its not very noticeable) when the stomach muscles arent used at all and the skin sags slightly because there is nothing for it to ‘hold’ on to.

  10. john said :

    It is dependent on HOW much weight you lose that determines the firmness, or lack thereof, of the skin on the stomach. However you can help improve your skin by using a cellulite cream that improves the elasticity of your skin.

  11. brother from da hood said :

    you gonna have loads of stretch marks near the hips area


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