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How can I lose weight around my stomach?

I want to lose some weight around my stomach, how can I?
I want like step by step instructions not general information.

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2 Responses to “How can I lose weight around my stomach?”

  1. Ana said :

    I don’t really have a good answer to losing weight, but i have a really great, simple exercise that helps flatten your tummy.

    1. Lay down on a bench or bed. (your butt should be on, but your legs should be hanging off)

    2. Stretch out your legs as straight as you can. Don’t let them touch the ground

    3. Bend your knees, bringing your legs to your chest. Repeat about 15 times, adding five more every week.

  2. Tim said :

    Normally when we exercise, calories are lost throughout the body. It does not focus on a particular spot. Even if you continue to do sit-ups or abdominal crunch, the body will, overall, just lose calories but not in your stomach. After the loss of overall body calories, then you target the stomach. It is at this specific point that you can then focus primarily on your stomach.

    Also, for quick weight loss, you will have to include some form of dieting in your routine.


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