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What would happen if a person got really really fat and then lost weight?

I mean, their bones would probably get bigger bones and skin in order to support all that mass, but what would happen if they lost all that weight? Would they become horribly disproportionate or what?

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5 Responses to “What would happen if a person got really really fat and then lost weight?”

  1. enigma said :

    their skin would be saggy

  2. BabeHart said :

    It happens all the time…people become obese (or morbidly obese), then lose the weight. The size of their bones does not change…although many are left with some extra skin (especially if they lost the weight very fast or were extremely overweight and their body just couldn’t adjust to the change due to the skin being stretched out for so long).

    Surgery can be done to remove the extra skin if that is a problem…otherwise, they return to a ‘normal’ size and aren’t disproportionate at all. No reason for them to be.

  3. Marley said :

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  4. Rossps80 said :

    The bones would not change. The skin would sag.

  5. Maci said :

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