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I lost weight too fast and now i have saggy skin?

i lost weight too fast and now i have saggy skin. i heard that you are supposed to lose no more than 2 pounds a week or your skin goes saggy. i read that even if i wait a wile the skin will not return back to normal unless i loss less then 2 pounds a month.

so my question is if i gain all the weight back again and then lose it slower this time would that make the wrinkles on my face and go away?

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6 Responses to “I lost weight too fast and now i have saggy skin?”

  1. NORA U said :

    i want to know how you lost it so fast let me know.

  2. macdreezy said :

    2 pounds a week steady is pretty damn good

  3. [email protected] said :

    u need to excersize to get all the saggy places in places and how did u loose weight fast, email it 2 me please. my email is

    [email protected]

  4. Colin said :

    the skin will shrink back up after a while, but youll have to live with it for a little while. You can also have sugery done but that may leave nasty scars. I dont think gaining weight would be good because it might be hard to lose it again

  5. OMG-FRUITLOOPS said :

    post in details, or email me [email protected] I wanna know how you lost it so fast, help me become less of a fat ass and more of a saggy thin lad. Then I can build muscle to fill in the sagg.

  6. Beverly said :

    well its normal to have saggy skin when you loss weight..but more than 2 pounds a week wow too fast..if your weight will back again its useless..just eat healthy food not fatty eat more fruits only.every morning only fruits and in lunch healthy food less fat like a cup of rice and beef with a fruits and in dinner light diet with milk if you feel sturdy eat fruits only its better than junk foods ONLY FRUITS..coz fruit can sustain your need in body,anti cancer..better RIGHT…its good to skin and i surely you your saggy skin will takes time but be responsible only a few weeks you can see changes on skin..


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