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what is ultimately, the BEST way to lost weight fast?!?

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19 Responses to “what is ultimately, the BEST way to lost weight fast?!?”

  1. lblakker said :

    Stop eating…

  2. CoCo said :


  3. sborgida said :


  4. nick h said :

    why fast should you not have worried before you became fat I dont get it you sure didnt get fat fast it took time so will losing it fast stop eating and wire your mouth shut

  5. flamin_okie04 said :

    dum dee dumm dumm

  6. David C said :

    Distance running is by far the best way to lose weight fast.

  7. nubes_azules said :

    quit eating meat and and really cooked food. My friend decided to go vegan.

  8. avalily said :

    Exercise…cardio and weight training, drink lots of water!! And try to cut back on carbs, while upping your protein intake..always eat breakfast.

  9. christian_lady_2001 said :

    eat foods that have a very high water content; i.e., fruits and vegetables. eat them often during the day; don’t eat other things before you eat fruit (i.e., don’t have fruit for dessert after a chicken breast for dinner).

    never combine proteins and starches (don’t have a ham sandwich).

    exercise every day. drink lots of water. cut out all sweets and dairy. there’s a book that’s been around forever called Fit for Life….it’s amazing and works, it tells about all the above.

    you won’t believe how fast you lose weight….and feel 100% better!

  10. sunnycowsnx said :

    really, all you need to do is eat healthy, excersize, and keep a good, healthy lifestyle. it all depends on you. maybe, you could cut down on how much you eat in one meal. or maybe you need to be more active. what everyone needs is different. you just need to find what’s best for you.

  11. Denise H said :

    Eat less then you burn off each day with exercise, or exercise more and consume less.

  12. jpc137 said :

    Cut off your leg

  13. ashaalx said :

    Stop eating carbs (bread, pasta, chips, stuff with corn) and high sugar (soda, fruit juice, candy etc) and drink alot of water. If you don’t exercise while doing this though, you’ll also lose muscle mass, which slows your metabolism and makes you gain weight. There is no real “quick solution” its really a way of life.

  14. teamkimme said :

    No safe way to loose weight fast, you didn’t gain it fast! Eat sensibly, cut calories, carbs and fats and do cardio exercises.

  15. Karina said :

    There isnt really a fast, healthy way to lose weight quickly but what i recomend is this:
    Eat often but a little at a time, what i mean is like, in the morning eat something small and healthy then about 2 hours later eat soemthing else, small, then keep on doing that every few hours of or so until 2 hours before bed, NEVER eat anything right before bed. eathing before bed will make you gain many pounds. Some of the things i suggest you should eat are plenty of veggies, fruits, not alot of breads, pasta, and meats but small servings once in a while. drink tons of water. oh yea and chew slowly because i heard the faster you it the longer it will take your stomach to digest the food resulting it to store.

  16. fran c said :

    A combination of both exercise and watching what you eat. Each day you need to do some kind of exercise like walking, and work up to about 1/2 hour a day or at least 3 times a week. You have to realize that there will be days you don’t lose weight. Your body will develop more muscle and be more toned though from all the exercise. I have been exercising for about 3 years with my co-workers. We help each other. We walk together every work day, unless there something comes up, like doctor’s appointments or holidays. But we do it consistently every work day. So don’t get discourage. You need to have someone to help you do it!!!! That way you don’t feel alone and depressed.

  17. rishi anand said :

    just take a walk rather a brisk walk daily, for 40 mins without any break and u will see the effects soon.

  18. noname said :

    the best way is to NOT listen to the ridiculous answers from the obvious 13-14 yr olds that I see so far……..The worst thing you could do is stop eating! If you do that your body begins to starve in which case it stores any available fat for survival! One of my best friends struggled with weight her whole life and and after every diet or pill she tried she began the best “diet” of her life, lost 110 lbs in 8 months……she just cut out the sugars and carbs, ate fruit in the morning, a decent sized lunch of her choice (of course not fried chicken & such) and a moderate dinner. She took up raquetball to tone some of the fat into muscle and the cardio aspect of it helped to shed the lbs. But it’s not something you do just until you lose the weight. You live it, otherwise the weight comes right back! She looks great, I’d definately recommend trying it! Remember, DO NOT STOP EATING!

  19. kadel said :

    Exercise every day, even if it’s just a walk. Go on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Eat fish, eggs, chicken, occasional lean beef or pork, low fat cottage cheese. Stay away from regular cheese, no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, peas, beans (except green beans). No fruit and no fruit juice (it’s sugar water, my dr says). Cut down on carrots and tomatoes (included ketchup). Use mustard instead of mayonnaise in recipes. Eat lots of salads, green vegetables. Salads only have one tablespoon of dressing for the whole salad. No ice cream, or other desserts. 8 glasses of water a day. No caffeine


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