Will I have excess skin left over if I loose weight fast?

I am 15 nearly 16 years old, and I am trying to loose some weight for the summer, I am only a size 14 but I still feel to uncomfortable to reveal my body, however I am worried that if I loose weight to fast I will have skin left over. I didn’t no if I was to young or not big enough to have skin left over but its something that would equally embarrass, and if I did have skin left over is there any natural exercises I could do to tighten it up rather than surgery ?


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One Response to “Will I have excess skin left over if I loose weight fast?”

  1. Sofia said:

    considering that you are young you will loose weight faster . i used to be 158 pounds at age 12 i know thats really big and i wasnt very tall. im 5 3 . now i am 138 . and if you dont let yourself recover fast enough you will have loose baggy skin. just make sure you only loose 1-2 pounds a weak at the most


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