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What would happen if a diabetic lost weight and became healthier?

…Without knowing they had diabetes?

If a person had type 2 diabetes and didn’t know it, but suddenly decided to become healthier by loosing weight and eating healthier, what would happen? Would they eventually face complications that would make them go see a doctor even once they’ve lost all the weight and stay fit?
I understand that. But would it be unhealthy for them to do so without medications?

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5 Responses to “What would happen if a diabetic lost weight and became healthier?”

  1. Michael said:

    they would still have diabetes

  2. john e russo md facm faafp said:

    Life-style modification is often the first step in treating type 2 diabetes. This would mean a low glycemic index diet with little to no refined carbohydrates, weight loss if you are over-weight or obese, and regular exercise. The exercise does not need to be any more complicated than walking 20 to 30 minutes daily. If a type 2 diabetic follows the above carefully they may postpone or avoid the need for diabetic medications. There is reason to believe however that if a type 2 diabetic’s glucose is well controlled by life-style modification that they still have an increased rate of cardiovascular complications. Unfortunately data in this regard is limited. I wish you the very best of health and in all things may God bless.

  3. Tom said:

    Always a good idea to have yearly checkups so a person WOULD know it 😉 But kudos to anyone who decides to live a healthier lifestyle – that can never hurt!

    I found some good cookbooks at the website below:

    Cheers, tom

  4. Miz Lamb said:

    I have always eaten according to the proper proceedures and keeping serving sizes small and done my exercises religiously. Still got diabetes! I taught the food pyramid to childrens orgs for many many years and taught my children how to eat according to it by always serving good healthy food and keeping their servings small. All are now overweight but eating according to the food pyramid.


    I started losing weight and figured my food planning and increased exerccising had started to pay off! Wrong!! It was the high glucose levels eating off the fat that was barely there and then starting in on the muscles.

    A person who doesn’t know they are diabetic is in trouble when the weight starts coming off! It just does not stop coming down! And they are not necessarilly healthier just because they become scarecrows! Fit scarecrows still have high glucose levels and must take oral and sometimes insulin medications.

  5. xaxorm said:

    Eating “better”, exercising and so losing weight will both reduce the overall risk of health complications as you age and reduce the severity of chronic hyperglycemia specifically.

    Technically there is no such thing as having type 2 diabetes and not knowing it: It is a medical diagnosis. You mean hyperglycemia.


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