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How much weight would be lost?

Hey I’m about 5ft 5 and 154 pounds (72kg) and 15 I really want to lose weight, so every break at lunch i go gym for half an hour, and at home I do a exercise video for an hour, ive stopped snaking and i do 50 sit ups a day, How long will it take for my stomach to begin toning up? Oh and I go swimming once a week, and racketball once a week

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One Response to “How much weight would be lost?”

  1. rosefan said :

    you would more than likely lose a few pounds at first and then it would slow down. The best way to lose weight and tone up is to take up a healthy eating regime and couple this with a healthy amount of exercise. Hun, its not worth killing yourself its best to do it slowly and safely so the results are long lasting and the weight wont return when you return to normal eating habits .


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