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If i run on a treadmill 5 days a week how long would it take till i see results?

i also do push ups and crunches and i lift weights….im 16 i weigh 260pounds and im 5’10…i wanna weigh at least 200 pounds….how much weight will i lose if i continue with this untill next month??? and wen will i start seeing results
yes i do go on 30minutes a day everyday except sat. and sun. ….and ive been doin this for a week now…
oooo and thanksz for da luck i will need alot of it….

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12 Responses to “If i run on a treadmill 5 days a week how long would it take till i see results?”

  1. GymBunny1111 said :

    Rome wasn’t built in a day my dear! Just keep doing what you’re doing. I promise you will see results. Within a month you should see a noticeable difference.

  2. Chris cc said :

    Do you not record your weight regularly? Use a spreadsheet and make a graph.

  3. PeachyPies said :

    Omg, you want to weigh 60 pounds, for your age and height that’s impossible!

  4. D.N. said :

    Pretty soon if you keep up the good work. At your age it’s easy to lose weight, so if you work out, exercise, and eat healthy, it should be no problem.

  5. kay d said :

    Good diet and go easy on the weights as you will just build muscle which wont help you lose weight. I reckon you will see a difference within 3 weeks easy, but you will need 20-30 minutes on the treadmill, 5 mins wont do it.

  6. sandyloo said :

    about 3 to a month you will see your legs getting stronger and you will notice with your clothes as well. Try something on, a piece of clothing that fits you pretty tight and then in a month you will see a difference. Good luck

  7. colormehappy said :

    depends on your caloric intake. but it sounds like you are on your way.

  8. David B23 said :

    It all depends on your metabolism AND Diet. Without eating the proper foods, all this exercise will be for naught. You should be an a high protein diet (fish, eggs, meats, cottage cheese), with minimal carbs (breads, potatoes, pasta). Another important aspect to consider is to not overtrain, especially at your age. Your muscles need time to recoup. I recommend weight training 3 days a week and the treadmill on the alternate 3 days. Have one day off for complete relaxation. And don’t forget to diet right! Best of luck!

  9. jsfnita said :

    You should go on the treadmill at least 30 minutes at a time, and you will see results fast. The push ups and weights won’t help as much as cardio. I’m sure there is lots of muscle, you just have to melt the pounds off to uncover them. Good cardio workouts are riding your bike, swimming, playing sports like soccer, running and dancing. I bet if you combine this with a detox diet that you can lose 20 pounds this month. It takes time, be proud of what you accomplish and not disappointed at how far you have to still go. Good luck!

  10. baby dooley said :

    muscle weighs more than fat,but with a low fat diet it can be possible

  11. eddieafcb said :

    Im doing this at the moment,eat well and run/jog for approx 30 mins a day at a steady pace if on a treadmill.If on the road,try sprinting for as far as you can then resume normal jogging until you catch your breath again.As for weight,DO NOT worry about it.Weigh every month or so.If you get wrappped up in worrying about your weight it will make things harder.But when you hit the scales,it will be a big loss!

  12. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    you want to weigh at leaat 200pounds – well done! At 260 pounds you are weighing at least 200 pounds!

    It is tricky to say how much you will weigh without knowing more information, for example, what you eat, how fast you run, what gradient you have it set at – lots of other things.

    I think I remember that running a mile burns (you will have to check this) about 100 extra calories (see depending on your weight and speed. 1 pound takes 1300 calories to create, so to loose 60 pounds you will need to run about (60×1300 / 100) 780 miles!!. Or nearly a marathon each night for a month!

    So what else can you do? The only other way is to look at you eat (eat less energy than you use and you will loose weight), check out what you eat each day and keep a diary and look at it at the end of a week – use that to see where you are over eating, or eating the wrong things, then instead of sticking with your routine stop eating at these times (snacks etc) or replace snacks with lots of energy with low energy snacks (Mars bar to an apple for example).

    Combine the 2 – eat less and exercise for an hour or more a night and you will loose weight but I dont think you will be able to loose 60 pounds in a month, it will take much longer


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