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If I lost weight, would my chubby cheeks go?

I’m skinny, but I have chubby cheeks.
I’m considering loosing weight because I think I can afford to loose a little bit, but also because of my cheeks.
I’m wandering, if I did loose weight, would I loose weight off my cheeks as well?

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10 Responses to “If I lost weight, would my chubby cheeks go?”

  1. mum of 2 and bride 2 b said :

    should do

  2. natrone_kemp said :

    Please note that spot reduction is not possible via weight loss. In indicating this, you may lose some parts of your chubby cheeks but then it again depends on how much you are losing overall.

  3. arlanymor said :

    If you keep wandering then you will soon loose weight so stop wondering

  4. tata said :

    just love yourself.. jeez!

  5. Jenna P said :

    Yeah it worked for me. But your diet will change more than the exercise, because its fat in your cheeks, but when you exercise it burns body fat not face fat. So bare that in mind, and focus more on your diet not exercise.

  6. Jesse B said :

    I saw something on an extreme make over show that involves plastic surgery. It said that some people have extra pockets of fat in their cheeks and no matter what their weight, they will not go away. The person in question had very puffy cheeks…You could look into that if you think it applies.

  7. jamman said :

    Face is the first place to loose weight, so yes you would. Remember cardio + clean diet + weight lifting will give you the best results, and exercise isn’t just a one time deal, it is something that is done for life

  8. DSY said :

    It’s possible you could lose your cheeks as well. However it mostly depends on your genetic makeup. If other members of your family have chubby cheeks and are skinny then most likely the chubby cheeks are hereditary, however if other members cheeks in your family are a normal size and they are skinny then it is possible for you to lose your chubby cheeks as well. Hope this helps.

  9. ♥EMILY III♥ said :

    Sometimes it’s just part of the way you are. I’ve always had chubby cheeks! I lost 2 stone (28lbs) in the summer and I’ve still got my chubby cheeks 🙁 I’m not obese…in fact my body fat is quite low so it shouldn’t have anything to do with fat. So chances are, even if you lose the weight, you’ll still be stck with those cheeks!

  10. Ulysses Mazierski said :

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