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What is the quickest way to lose weight before my birthday?

My birthday is October 11 and I want to lose some weight before my party (the next day)

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14 Responses to “What is the quickest way to lose weight before my birthday?”

  1. da ddddddd said :


  2. luke w said :

    to me if i wanted to loose weight i would eat all the vegatables and fruit i like and and do jogging or swimming for an hour a week or sumin

  3. Mumma~Cassie said :

    Exercise and cut what your eating in half

  4. Bobbi O said :

    Try doing South Beach diet. I lost 16lbs my first month.

  5. supernicky17 said :

    Try portion control, it is working for my boy friend who has lost over 50 pounds since March and is still dropping because of portion control. Dont eat till you are full eat till you are satifyed, there is a difference.

  6. Kellie B said :

    Well..I just lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks on The Lovella Diet at Its a lower calorie plan, and easy to follow Its helping me know what proper portions are. Best of luck!

  7. Sebastian T said :

    Lady, sincerely if you want to loose weight in a short period of time, xenical is a good solution, dont think on surgery and things like that, those pills are really good, a lot of people take them an see excellent results. They are a lot of people that dont like them, but I think is because they dont know how to use them.

    if you want to loose quickly your weight, just see this Xenical page… later you`ll thanks…

    Hope this works!

  8. ladey1980 said :

    go to the gym. or walk arond the bloke

  9. Kim H said :

    Please, please don’t go on a diet, count calories, or take pills to lose weight as suggested in some of these answers!!!!!

    I’ve been researching child and teen overweight and obesity for the last seven years. What I know for sure from my research is that any type of program of dieting or counting calories can start a weight yo-yo cycle that lasts a lifetime in some cases. If you want to begin exploring your excess weight, instead ask yourself these questions….

    am I eating for emotional reasons (boredom, procrastination, lonliness, sadness, body dissatisfaction, even happiness)
    do I eat to cope with stress?
    am I binge eating?
    In general, am I eating when I am hungry and stopping when I are full?
    is it possible for me to feel good about myself at this weight as I am losing?

    The best way to eat so that you never have to worry about your weight is to get in touch with your body’s own hunger and fullness cues. I am a personal coach for teens who want to lose weight and help teens figure out what causes them to overeat and how to change these patterns. There is a better way. Please do not start the crazy calorie counting diet cycle. I promise that it is never the best way!!!

    If this solution seems like something you’d like to learn more about, head over to our website for a free E-course about teen weight loss that gives more details about our program. We also offer one-on-one coaching for weight loss for teens based on learning to stop emotional eating and get in touch with your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues.

    Good luck to you,
    Kim Hiatt, Ph.D.

  10. Vaalea said :

    You can lose 8-13 pounds in about two weeks if you follow South Beach EXACTLY. That’s a little expensive mind you, but quickest.The easiest way, I’ve found: Chicken and fish, lots of salads (with very little salad dressing…like a teaspoon), and low-glycemic index fruits such as apples and lots of lots of VEGGIES. When I followed this diet, my daily meal plan went as followed – Breakfast: 2 eggs with 1/2 cucumber (or a veggie omelete); Snack: Three celery stalks and 1/2 oz low fat cheese; Lunch: Salad with A LOT of leafy veggies, no tomatoes or carrots, but low fat meats and cheeses Snack: Apple. Dinner: Chicken cooked anyway expect fried…only about 4-6oz, tho, either 1/2 cup of two different veggies or 1 large salad and 1/2 cup of veggies.

    All veggies are green. No potatoes, no bread, no pasta.
    Now I’d have craving for pizza and stuff, at which point in time I’d order a veggie pizza with every veggie and canadian bacon on it and eat the toppings and cheese off. Hamburgers without buns were good. No kethcup. Kethcup is BAD.

    But all in all, I averaged about 1200 calories (never more, tho sometimes less).
    I don’t know how heavy you are, but I was about 260lbs at 5’8″ tall, (which means I’d lose weight faster than someone smaller), and I lost 50 lbs in 4 1/2 months, 25lbs of that in the first three weeks.
    I was also walking three miles a day, sometimes more, but I was doing that before I went on the diet, so I don’t know if it was the combo or if it was the diet alone.
    If you aren’t exercising, I’d recommend 1 hour walking three times a week and 30 min of weight training. The weight training won’t help you lose weight, but it will tone you up and slim you down in a good way.
    If you follow it (and yes you can have lean steaks and fish as long as your portions are under 6 oz), and exercize, I can forsee you losing approximately 15-20lbs by your birthday, depending on how heavy you are.
    Now if you only want to lose five or ten pounds, then this isn’t the plan for you…I’d recommend you simply exercising and cutting out junk food for that. But if you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, and want to continue to lose after your birthday, this is the plan I’d advise. If you have any depression or anxiety, this plan should help too. Hope it helps

  11. lioness112649 said :

    I thoroughly second Kim’s answer. Risking your health by dieting, counting calories, or taking pills is foolish.

    Instead, simply try paying more attention to what you eat, and when.

    Leave yourself at least two hours to digest food before you go to sleep. That is, don’t eat less than two to three hours before your bedtime.

    Drink more water. Drinking water can help satisfy the munchies, even without snacking.

    Pay attention to WHAT you’re eating. If you’re eating frozen pizzas, fast food and sweets, you’re sure to have some trouble. Instead, focus on eating fruits or vegetables when you want something sweet, whole wheat bread, etc., etc. It does make a difference.

    And finally, excercise. Take twenty minutes out of your day to go on a walk or bike ride, and work up from there. Dance, or search the web for yoga poses. The best workouts for burning fat are extended cardiovascular training; things like biking or running for long periods of time.

    Instead of letting yourself spiral into excess worry about your weight (and who knows, you may look great already!), strive to be healthier. The results will last much, much longer and you’ll be much more satisfied with yourself than you would be if you choose to diet or begin taking diet pills.

    In teaching yourself good habits you’ll be doing yourself a favor in both the short and the long run.

  12. yogalife said :

    I think that you will really be impressed with some results from Yoga. If you do Yoga 3 to 4 times a week or more if you have the motivation, for the next month, I think that you will see amazing results. You should sign up for a class and also check out this website:

    This website has amazing resources and a really cool encyclopedia of poses, which is this link:

  13. Adia said :

    The way not to do it is starve yourself, to start with. Just exercise and eat right. I did….lost 90 LBS because of it. Starving yourself won’t help at all. Drink more water, eat less before bed, and don’t eat for stress are the 3 things I follow and i’m going pretty well if i don’t say myself. 90 LBS isn’t anything like 5-10lbs so take my advice. If you want anymore details, feel free to email me. ~Adia

  14. Sherlock said :

    Try These Smart and Simple Guidelines To Lose Weight:

    Hope This Info Helps


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