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What is the healthiest way to have a adult male cat lose weight?

My cat’s food dish is 3in by 3in, and 1.5in tall. I fill it, it takes him two full days to eat it. I fill his water dish with cool purified water. He’s gained weight within the last month. I’m looking for a healthy way to make him lose weight without making him starve.

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3 Responses to “What is the healthiest way to have a adult male cat lose weight?”

  1. lesa b said :

    Cats will gain weight more easily if food is left out all the time, they become “nibblers” they eat a little, take a nap, eat a little more, etc. a good way to help him lose is to either switch to a weight reduction food, Purina, Science Diet & alot of others make a type of weight reduction foods or put his dish down & after 10 minutes or so, take it back up . Feed him at least twice a day, he will learn to eat at mealtimes & not all day long. hope this helps .

  2. Megan H said :

    As a cat owner who’s had a “chubby” cat ….
    Fat cats lead to serious medical conditions down the road.

    Number one thing is …. to make sure that your cat does not have any underlying health problems….a trip to the vet is highly suggested.

    Once medical problems are ruled out, your veterinarian will probably suggest a certain diet.
    This may include a change of food, although unlikely.
    (If you do need to change your kitty’s food, DO NOT CHANGE IMMEDIATELY – that’ll cause medical problems; do it over a period of a week or two, gradually mixing in more and more of the new food with the old food until it is all new food.)
    The amount of food given during a day, however, is a different matter. Instead of filling the bowl and just letting him eat whenever he feels like it (even if it does take two days), you might have to regulate the amount by just putting in the proper amount of food for his weight during meal times. It’ll feel like you’re starving him at first, but he’ll be far better off.

  3. Guy Turnbough said :

    This postis so much better than my buddy Chriss blog. He really doesnt know what hes writing about.


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