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Whats the most healthiest way to lose weight fast?

Okay, so I was watching the VS fashion show, and I got motivated to look somewhat like the models. Whats a healthy, fast, and affective way to lose weight? Also, I’m 5 feet 6 in, what are healthy measurements (and good looking) for this height. I’m curvy, but not everywhere. Help? Thank you:)

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4 Responses to “Whats the most healthiest way to lose weight fast?”

  1. Takkun. said :

    …you realize that the VS models are not curvy, right?

  2. Brittney Bartuccio said :

    WEll just try , to cut down on stuff ! like lots of people consume most of there calories through drinks . So just maybe like drink more water , and eat more veggies and fruits the most best way to lose weight . Also start walking more and getting more muscles on your body would defenitely help you . muscles burn more than fat a day ! So gaining muscles would benifit you for the rest of your life . Hope this helped <3

  3. Ovilia Fernandes said :

    1Instead of the traditional 3 meals a day, eat only when you are actually hungry, and eat what you like but try to be healthy.
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    2Avoid chocolate, cake, brownies, potato chips, ice cream, fizzy drinks< or any junk food.3Never starve yourself. It shuts down your metabolism, makes you feel woozy, tired, and makes you hungrier. It also can affect your teeth, causing them to be sticky and full of plaque.4Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially if you feel like snacking or for dessert.5Aim to eat 'good carbs' (which have a low glycemic index) such as brown rice, oats, wholewheat bread and wholewheat pasta. Try not to have carbs after 5pm as any unused carbs will likely be stored as fat overnight, negating your morning bike session.6Don’t forget about exercising! When trying to lose weight, some people can get so wrapped up in cutting calories and portion sizes that they forget about the importance of exercise. If it's hard to start an exercise routine, use Monday as the day to recommit. Take part in a Monday Mile, enroll in a fitness class, or make a schedule to exercise for the week. Healthy Monday is a national non-profit public health campaign that encourages people to use Monday as the day for all things healthy.7Consider using "High Intensity Interval Training"

  4. SLZimmer said :

    Losing weight and/or maintaining weight in normal-thyroid people is as simple as controlling your sugar and net carb intake, especially the quickly digested ones (sugars and the mostly refined carbs).

    Sugars/carbs intake in your diet is the key determining factor that controls production of fat storage hormones, which add fat weight and prevent your body from using body/dietary fat as it primary energy source. Your body can only store fat and lock-in body fat under those conditions, or when it thinks that it is starving to death (because you are eating way to few calories).

    The main thing your body needs from your diet is healthy fat intake (even some saturated), with the exception of man-mutated trans and hydrogenated fats (which should be avoided at all costs). 50%+ of your caloric intake daily should be from mostly “healthy fats”, along with some saturated ones. The rest should be quality protein, and high-fiber low/moderate carb foods like veggies, beans and such.

    You HAVE to limit your sugar intake as much as humanly possible, and reasonably limit higher carbohydrate content or refined carbohydrate foods to a moderate serving or two per day. That’s it. It’s really that simple, if you want to be healthy and lean from a dietary standpoint.

    Any good eating lifestyle, should also be accompanied by proper exercise to build lean, tone (calorie burning 24-7) muscle and sculpt the body in all the right ways.


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