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What is the best/ healthiest way to lose weight fast?

i have this really cute outfit i want to wear friday, but it’s a little tight. what is the fastest (garunteed) way to lose some weight without starving myself?

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6 Responses to “What is the best/ healthiest way to lose weight fast?”

  1. happyjello said:

    I have started this Diet (lifestyle change) in the middle of November at 140lbs, and now at 117lbs

    google fruit fast

    A DIET IS WHAT YOU EAT….there for we are all on a diet….

    You got the change the way you think and feel about food

    TRY THIS, and stick to it.

    The first 3-4 weeks are the hardest until your body adjusts to the change.
    Results will be in about the same time

    Fruits and Veggies

    Eat more plants and keep away from stuff that was made in plants.

    Don’t eat anything that comes in a can, box or package….
    If man made it, don’t eat it

    NO white BREAD or SUGAR

    NO PIZZA, I am in the pizza business, and it is not good for you, very high in FAT and Calories


    Stay away from FAST FOOD


    Walk your dog, or walk a friends dog

    Don’t think of it as a diet, but think of it as a lifestyle change

    I have lost 28.5 pounds in 3 months, drink lots of water. I usually eat a meal of what ever I want once a week….controlled portion….this really works………

    Write down every thing you eat

    take a multivitamin at night

  2. Stop Sign said:


  3. Health Guy said:

    The key to starting a successful diet plan is to make the changes slowly. You can’t go from eating garbage everyday to eating healthy overnight. The changes required to do something like that are huge and should be spread out over a period of time. If you make the changes too quickly, your body won’t have time to adjust and you’ll probably quit before seeing any results.

    At first, you shouldn’t worry about your calorie count. When you start replacing unhealthy junk with healthy alternatives your calorie count will naturally be reduced because healthy choices are generally lower in calories than unhealthy ones. Start by reducing the amount of junk you eat (chips, cookies, pastries, doughnuts, soda, sugary drinks). Replace unhealthy snacks with nuts, fruits, salads and yogurt.

    You can then start getting rid of products made from refined flour such as white bread/pasta. Replace these with foods made from 100% whole wheat flour (check the nutrition label). The difference in the two flours is that whole wheat contains more fiber (and vitamins & minerals) which slows down the digestion process. This will keep you full for a longer period of time which will help you eat less throughout the day. Other foods that are high in fiber are fruits, vegetables, oats, beans and legumes.

    Eventually, you will need to start monitoring your calorie intake. Losing weight depends on you eating less than you burn. If you’re not losing weight, the problem is that you’re either eating too much, exercising too little or a combination of both. If you want a comprehensive and personalized free diet plan and workout routine, visit

  4. Dagny said:

    Losing 1-2 pounds a week is best and normal.
    1. You don’t want to lose muscle, that is bad! Your muscle burns calories…
    2. If you lose slowly, you are more likely to keep it off long term.

    3. Never, ever eat less than 1200 calories for a female, and 1500 calories for a male. Eating less slows your metabolism.

    The Curves diet discovered that those who ate 800 calories and those who ate 1200 lost the same amount. However, they found out that after eating 1200 calories for so long, the metabolism slowed down significantly. So they highly recommend you boost your calories after a week or two to around 1500 calories (for females).

    Secondly, those on the Curves diet lost less muscle compared to other diets (see#1)

    4. Weight loss=diet and exercise

    Weight or strength training is also recommended. This builds muscle(see #1 again). However, you cannot spot train at one spot, like stomach or thighs.

    Also all the crunches in the world will not burn fat. You need cardio too. Choose something you enjoy and look forward to doing!

    Also, avoid doing the same workout all of the time. You will plateau faster if you do this. Try changing it at least once a month. If you run, try cycling. If you cycle, try step or kickboxing and so on!

    Calories are king. Not carbs, or fat, or protein. You need some fat to be healthy, same as carbs. So I count calories.

    5. Don’t get discouraged if the scale doesn’t move. It should be more about being healthy. Also when one begins to diet and exercise, they might gain some weight in the beginning because their muscles are holding more fluids.
    6. Eat enough Fiber
    7. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day, or more depending on your exercise and if it is hot where you live.

  5. jfdkl said:

    so if your at the dinner table take what u think ure going to eat then cut it in half and eat just half of it chew slowly and u can eat the other half just wait 30 minutes

  6. Barbara said:

    I’ve been there and done that. If you are really trying to lose weight, you have to stay dedicated and determined to do so. I lost around 50 pounds using just these simple tips I’m about to explain to you.

    I found three things to be the best but you have to use them together in order to get some great results. You have to understand that you are what you eat first. Dieting is something you might have to stick in there with and follow through with one. Some people can while others can’t.

    The next thing you need to do is create a workout plan whether that be cardio or some other exercise to get the heart rate up. You have got to do at least 30 mins a day to get some results.

    The 3rd step that I’m going to explain, helps a lot if you are slobbish on your diet or just need some help with it all. For me, it’s a natural herbal supplement called Proactol. It’s a fat binder and an appetite suppressant. I’m very health consicious and having this supplement that is made from natural herbs, you really can’t beat it. It’s helped me so much but absorbing up to 28% of fat that you intake. Which means if you aren’t following your dieting plans, you have a little more room for food being on the supplement. The appetite suppressant part works wonderfully too so you can actually stay away from the cookies and brownies.

    These steps really worked for me, you should try them out for yourself even if you want to lose very little or that extra mile. Also at the time of my 3 month supply purchase of Proactol, I saved a lot of money on it at http://theweightlossplace .com

    Good luck and I hope this helps you out for your weight loss goals.


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