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What is the hardest part for you about losing weight and how do you plan to overcome it?

If you are losing weight or on a diet of some sort, what is the most difficult part for you and what is your plan for overcoming the worst part?

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21 Responses to “What is the hardest part for you about losing weight and how do you plan to overcome it?”

  1. Nibblet said :

    eating late at night… I will eat more during the day so I don’t get hungry late at night.

  2. Squadcar said :

    Avoiding chocolate which is definitely my weakness. Don’t buy any and stay out of the stores.

  3. Jordin K said :

    Maintaining the weight is the hardest.

    You can give all your efforts and lost 50 pounds and then you can gain it back in a few months or sometimes even a few weeks.

    After losing weight, it is important to continue maintaining that healthy lifestyle.

  4. sewerrat said :

    Getting started – I have to set a date and make myself stick to it.

  5. Deserves your pity said :

    The fact that I want to build muscle at the same time. I haven’t a clue about what I’m doing.

  6. Hjf J said :

    Well first you need to have the right mentality to lose weight. You cant lose weight if you dnt believe you dont wanna lose weight the hardest part would be not eating the food you like and testing new food if you dont like it.

  7. Chell dog said :

    just having to give up pop chips and candy i have always eaten alot of candy im not fat i just would like to lose a couple of pounds. i work at a gas station and was snacking all the time instead of eating

  8. theaterloverforever said :

    eating late at night is a problem for me too…im not exactly overweight…im 5’8″ and i weigh 125 but still i know i shouldn’t eat late at night…

  9. Lovely Lady 27 said :

    the hardest part is wakeing up early to excercise. I skip it to sleep in too much. And then I drink beer and have a cheeseburger or something and then I’m like oh no so I feel bad and eat some oreos. I’m not good at it. I am only like 10 lbs over weight but I’d like to not be as I get older it gets harder.

  10. Pam H said :

    I lost 60 lbs last year. The hardest part was avoiding the temptation of sweets. Ocassionally I would eat a mini snickers bar or something. I would make myself do 20-30 minutes extra of exercise or bike riding to compensate. So far I have been able to keep most of the weight off.

  11. Julian said :

    The hanging skin dragging on the floor Swetty… but don’t worry… be happy!. Do exercise to eliminate your skin left overs.

  12. singer1508 said :

    Well it is so hard for me to lose weight!! I really only need to lose about 20lbs. I know it dosn’t seem like alot but it is so hard. The main thing I do that is stopping me is I eat late at night and then go to sleep which is a huge no no. Really if u want to lose weight u need to eat good at dinner around 5 or 6 and then not eat for the REST of the night. But when u love food like me its tougher than it looks. I also need to work out more….hmm lol i should take my own advice and stick to it!!

  13. larry g said :

    Stomach..crunches, stop drinking beer and soda, crunches and a lean diet, with little carbs and no more than 120 grams of fat per day!!!!.

  14. Sweet Pea said :

    The worst part for me is at night when I am bored or upset I eat more. I am trying to be more aware of my emotional overeating. I can do well in the mornings and the afternoon if I have it planned but at night if I don’t have it planned I eat anything which is not good. Another thing is I know that if I don’t eat right in the mornings the rest of the day I eat junk. It is a never ending battle though. It should be a life long change. In the past, I think I thought short term is why I never was a success at it but it is a daily struggle. And, that does not mean I am bad or anybody else is bad; it means there is food and emotional overeating is my worst enemy.

  15. justanswerme said :

    The hardest part?: Waking up at 5 in the morning.
    How do I plan to over come it?: Suck it up and just do it.

  16. Katie P said :

    sticking with it!!

    i am doing so much better this time. my motivation is to bring a friend. we turn on intervention, lost, or american idol and walk until the shows over. we know if we leave early we may miss something good! we keep date/weight logs on microsoft excel and bought a swimsuit a size smaller so i have to lose a little more to look great in. its always much easier if you have someone with you to fight the battle!!

  17. Amanda Leigh said :

    sticking to it for me would be the hardest part. sometimes it is so hard to fight the cravings of something bad. lol. so im just attempting to fight it and be strong. when i am eating something healthy i pretend it is a candy bar. lol. wishful thinking. just remeber what your goal is and how bad you want it and you can overcome anything.

  18. Consuelo M said :

    exercising and giving up coke ,i just keep telling my self it will all be worth it because i do want to be able to wear the cute close i like.

  19. mona m said :

    the hardest part is to take a real decision to make diet and to overcome ur hunger wen u see nice food..
    and this is can be so easy wen u imagine how u will look like in the new shape wearing all u dream of..

  20. Mickenoss said :

    I’ve just become a postman, I’ve lost 2 stone in two months. I eat like a horse.
    Hardest part is the actual walking, I plan to overcome it by not whingeing and just getting on with it.
    Trynna give up eating so much, thats the hardest bit.

  21. kenab said :

    The hardest part of losing weight?
    Getting proper and useful information and understanding better how the body loses weight!
    I’m going to share some very good info here that I was given….it seems like many people here will be able to use it also.

    Firstly, increase your water intake….have a large glass of water
    before each meal…that will make you feel fuller already, so you’ll eat less…and it helps to rid the body of the WRONG TYPE of fats and acids. You should have a very MINIMUM of 8 cups of water per day, but try to drink more than that.

    Secondly, instead of eating 3 larger meals, eat 5 or 6 smaller meals a day of the proper recommended food types. that will increase your metabolic rate, the body will adjust to that, and therefore it will burn fat more efficiently. It is easier for the body to digest and process these smaller meals also.

    Thirdly, try to NEVER eat after 8 p.m.
    BUT WHY??
    Our body shuts down around 8 p.m. for the sleep cycles until around 6 a.m. Therefore the body has stopped the metabolic rate and can’t process food during those hours. Anything absorbed from food can only be stored as fat.

    There is a saying to help you remember that:
    ‘ Eat after 8…gain weight ‘

    Side note: Without an adequate metabolic rate and proper dietary intake – exercises, weights, and cardio exercises alone will not produce effective results.
    I hope this helps you better understand…and puts you on the right track to losing weight.
    Please share this info with your family and friends also…they’ll thank you for doing so.

    best wishes.


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