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How to feel good about yourself while you’re losing weight?

I have like 20lbs to lose and I feel so miserable. I’m trying to lose weight now but I just feel so blah and ugly. I feel too ugly to exist. How can I feel good about myself while losing weight?

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5 Responses to “How to feel good about yourself while you’re losing weight?”

  1. jack said:

    think as urself as not fat tehe

  2. Brewmaster D said:

    Best I can suggest is photos of yourself from the front and the sides, once a week under the same conditions (same clothes, same lighting, same time of day). If you’re losing weight, nothing gets my spirits up more than checking my latest photos versus my starting photos when I weighed a lot more. Thats just me though!

  3. Gabe said:

    I think the question should be how can you not feel happy when you are losing weight. Seriously, once you begin losing weight you will feel amazing. Every week, pounds keep dropping, it will give your confidence a huge boost and you will feel on top of the world. So get in gym so you can hurry up and see your results

  4. Hot Pink and Black! said:

    Just, don’t picture yourself at blah picture your self of how your gonna look when you are finished and you get the body of your dreams! But do not give up or put off working out because if you do you just going to see blah in the mirror for the rest of your life! so get out there and get rid of blah and get the body you have always dreamed of!

  5. sarahk0789 said:

    Concentrate on small goals. Trying to tackle the whole thing may seem like too much. Break it down by monthly goals or even weekly ones. Take pictures of your progress up on the mirror or some place noticeable to motivate yourself and show yourself what you have done. Weight loss takes a long time before you see results so just stay strong! Join support groups or blogs online and lose weight doing things you love instead of only excercising in ways that you hate doing.

    If you sleep between 8 and 6 hours a night and establish a sure routine in your life it can make all the difference.


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