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How to talk to my best friend about losing weight without offending her?

How do I inspire my best friend to lose weight?
Shes an unhealthy 210 pounds at 5’3. She always excuses her self saying its in her genes(all her family members are obese) I say you could still lose weight. How do I talk to her about losing weight without offending her?
Please don’t say its none of my business, cuz I believe it is.

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17 Responses to “How to talk to my best friend about losing weight without offending her?”

  1. Mimi said :

    Start working out with her

  2. Coffee Chrisp Fatty :D said :

    Sorry, none of your business she wants to be diabetic it’s her choice. you can try to support her I guess I know I would be offened and probably tell you to go fk urself

  3. Alotta Fagina™ said :

    planet fitness has a gym membership for 20$ and you can bring a friend everytime for free, basically make it like you want a work out parnter

  4. saji said :

    say it in a nice way to her.
    or just tell her how pretty she is, and then say if you were a size smaller you’d look even better.

  5. astroeyes2000 said :

    Tell her you want a work out partner and ask her to join you. It could be as simple as going for walks everyday.

  6. gbm said :

    Make a bulletin board with a work out schedule, and different fun workouts you can do, (you can find a lot of them in seventeen magazine) work out with her! if she sees your making the effort to help her she will get motivated! It’s a lot more fun to work out with a friend!
    also eat healthier with her, dont go on a diet just make smarter choices on what you eat!

  7. Dark S said :

    well, u can telll her that u want to start working out and i will come with you,
    U can tell her to start eating heathly

  8. Hays said :

    I know you are probably not over weight but why not work out with her or walk with her. And like always talk about how you think you are fat and maybe she’ll think well if she thinks she is fat maybe I should go on a diet…those are just suggestions I don’t know if it makes sense. hopefully it does! hope I helped you even a little bit! =)

  9. Irish said :

    I would leave it alone and just be friends with her. If the overweight person lacks the desire, your words are just wasted and your friendship will probably be over. She doesn’t want to hear it.

  10. DeShea said :

    I think you are a great friend for caring. Maybe you and her could go walking together. I don’t know if you are a member at a gym, if you are the two of you could go to an aerobics class together. Hope this helps, have a great day! God bless!

  11. pyt20 suspended FLY EAGLES FLY!! said :

    Well if she doesn’t have a problem with her weight then why do you?

    i’m just sayin, i mean if she’s complaining about it then i could see u wanting to say something. but if she doesn’t have a problem wit it i mean u just gotta lety it be.

  12. <3 French Horn said :

    When you guys go hang out go to somewhere healthy to eat.
    go work out with her, i mean it wont hurt you.
    make sure you aremt leaving it as her burden, like saying go work out, and leaving it all for her, you have to be there to help her, or nothing will change
    or maybe just straight up say, youre overweight and im trying to help you. it might hurt her, but she’ll thank you for it.

  13. I Love Youu. said :

    Well, your thinking wrong. It is none of your business, you cannot push someone into changing their life because you told them to.
    If you want to try and support her thats fine enough. But don’t force her into things without her thought.
    Maybe try and get her to see a doctor though. But if she doesn’t want to go, don’t force her.

  14. Skinny Mini said :

    take a walk together and ask her if you can cook her a healthy meal because she deserves to be healthy and happy with herself

  15. Grin Reaper said :

    Write it out in alphabeti spaghetti!

  16. Brandi; free jp<3 said :

    tell her that you wanna excersise & start eating healthier, & then ask her if she would do it with you?

  17. May said :


    say things to her like its better to have a normal weight, u’ll look MUCH better if you lose weight, you get to wear prettier or sexy clothes…in a friendly/nice way…

    just encourage her, and try not to be so serious and don’t insult her in her present form/weight.

    and lastly help her, like planning to jog with her in the morning, making her avoid eating lots of food in A day…or chocolates.. (u know..just adjust)


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