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What is the cost of Bupa health insurance?

i don’t want tot call them for a quote: the cheapest and most expensive for a family of four.

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5 Responses to “What is the cost of Bupa health insurance?”

  1. Time4AcuPPa said :

    It varies enormously . . . age, medical history etc, so you will have to call them, there is no other way.

  2. rachael m said :

    go on the bupa website;

  3. Knownow't said :

    There are lots of variables depending on the sort of cover you want and your medical history….ring them for a quote or look on their website, that is the only reliable way…many companies offer Private medical insurance…I have one which is reasonably cheap….if you can’t get treatment in a National Health Hospital within 6 weeks it pays for you to go Private….so look around, it is an expanding Market.

  4. MISS B.ITCH said :

    For me alone, I was quoted £84 per month.

    Suprise suprise, I chose not to take up their offer.

    As already said, it does depend on your history of health, age, etc.

    Give them a ring though, I didn’t find them pushy like others can be.

    Good luck 😀

  5. ♥ Miss Sausage ♥ said :

    That’s like asking how long is a piece of string, you need to phone them


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