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How much does health insurance cost in the us?

How much does health insurance cost in the us?
i know it would vary depending on the quality of the cover, but can someone give me types of cover with costs thanks.

what’s co-pay and deductable? i’m in the in the uk, although i’m in the RAF, my national ins cost is about $300 a month. But the figure here is worked out on how much you earn not how healthy you are.

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6 Responses to “How much does health insurance cost in the us?”

  1. poppy said :

    it usually comes with your job. it can cost separately everything from a few hundred per month for limited cover to everything for a few thousand per month.

  2. harry k said :

    It varies, could be as low as $100 a month for a single person in their 20’s with a high deductible, to $1,000 per month for a large family with pre-existing conditions and a low deductible.

  3. horseshoes said :

    It depends on the coverage and whether you work for a company that assists in the cost. My husband is in the Air Force, so we have great health insurance. Basically anyone can get coverage, but you do have to work for it, it isn’t free.

  4. Penny W said :

    When I was there, my ex- husbands job provided a good insurance..paid 100 percent on medical with a 10 dollar co-pay. 80 percent on eye and dental. He paid 22 dollars a week from his pay for this.

  5. Ruxa said :

    300$ a month is the medium cypher for the cost of a egulat employment health insurance. However, there are numerous deductions and discounts in fuction of several situations of cost limittion. You can find more here:

  6. john rickard said :

    myself and my wife pay national health INSURANCE here in the UK. we both work in factorys on shop floor and pay £390 a month between us (which is compulsory). This payment does not include teeth or eyes, we have to pay private for them.It is not free here as is sometime lead to believe.


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