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I want to move to the UK and I need health insurance and a job plus a church. Help PLEASE!?

I am 24 going on 25 and I have two small children and a wife. We want to move to the UK and live and work. We believe that our children and us as well would have a better life there. I know it is tough but the economy here is not the best and I am tired of fighting to have a life and I want to see where my family came from. Which is England, Scotland, and Ireland. If any one can help with suggestions and guidance then that would be great.

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10 Responses to “I want to move to the UK and I need health insurance and a job plus a church. Help PLEASE!?”

  1. kitty said :

    And I believe I’d have a better life in the USA or Australia, but they wont let me in.
    So why should the UK let YOU in?
    Stay where you are. The UK is full up.

  2. emma_jean2 said :

    You don;t say where you are moving from,
    you don;t say what you or your wife do for a living….
    you don;t say how old your children are…

    UK is a great place, full of people who are prepared to knock it, full of people who aren’t prepared to extend thehand of friendship to newcomers,
    but full also of warm welcoming helpful people…
    the economy doesn;t look TOO rosy at the moment, but I guess that’s a fairly international state of affairs….

    without more detail, I can;t help you any further, but I wish you well with this…
    as tebbit said, ‘get on your bike’

    you’ll get comments like the above a lot, (it’s what I was referring to above) – ignore them, we’re not all like that!

  3. Olly J said :

    Hey just come as you are ,you will even get a free house on the state also free health care and free money if you don’t want to work.There are no rules so you wont have to wait to get in here . Haven’t you heard everyone is doing it! You don’t even need to speak English!

  4. brasiedub said :

    why do you want to move to the UK? I live in Ireland, am from South America, and by no means would live in the UK. Expensive country where everything is a rip-off, life is so difficult, highly intrusive government where every step you take is followed by CCTV cameras, speed cameras, etc. You have to bed to open a bank account. Horrible place to grow children, horrible TV, cigarette-alcohol-greasy food culture. 35 years paying for a mortgage. VIOLENCE. Is that what you want for your life and your family’s? I think Ireland is bad enough and dying to leave to go to some country in Europe. The only good thing about UK and Ireland is jobs and money, but the standard of living decreases year after year. There are better places: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, etc.

  5. ac4pgUK said :

    What country are you from?
    There are some countries in the EU which will let their citizens come to the UK to work without a permit.

    The best thing you could do is contact an immigration lawyer.

    How close are you to the family that you had in the UK? If they were your parents or grandparents,you can get citizenship via them just for being family.

    As for health insurance,you’d probably have to look up some places online or talk to your immigration lawyer about setting it up.
    I’m a British Citizen so i’ve always had free health care,so i don’t know about how to get private healthcare.
    Once you become a Citizen (you’ll become one after spending 3 years living and working in the UK and paying taxes) you’ll be entitled to the national free healthcare.

  6. JKM said :

    That makes a change as everyone here in the UK wants to leave maybe I could do you a swap wife’s included dude!!

  7. ian s said :

    If you had family in Ireland;

  8. ben w said :

    There is no reason why you shouldn’t come to this country if you are willing to work and have something to offer. What kind of work do you do? If you have taken the time to learn a good trade then you will be a valuable addition to this country.
    Maybe Australia and USA won’t accept the first answerer because he is uneducated and not very intelligent, maybe we could arrange a swap?
    If you come from an EU country no work visa required is required. Otherwise you should apply for one.

  9. oliviabonamy said :

    Health insurance is a fantastic benefit if you are able to get it. Although the NHS provides a valuable service it is always going to be overstretched and you will more than likely have to wait for an operation or specialist consultation.

    Example of private healthcare providers are BUPA and the Nuffield Hospitals. Most major insurance brokers offer a range of health care packages to suit individual needs.

    With private healthcare you are likely to be seen quickly and by the most qualified people in the healthcare profession.

    Not only will you be seen quickly you will also be treated to the best facilities if you have to go into hospital. You are likely to have your own private room with high quality facilities, services and food.

    The benefits of having private health cover are substantial, but they do not come cheaply. Therefore if you are able to find a company that offers healthcare cover as part of the package then see this as a huge advantage. Many places will also offer healthcare to your spouse and children.

    Although not widely available in the United Kingdom, private healthcare insurance is growing in popularity and definitely worth looking into when you go for a new job. It should be noted again that healthcare cover is a taxable benefit that should be declared on your tax assessment.

    More info on

  10. Rare Gem said :

    hey, depending on where u r moving in from and why it should be easy enough for u to move in and settle in.
    the thing is, don’t expect it to be all easy.
    ur wife and kids (not to mention u) are leaving the comforts of the known for the challenges of the unknown…. it might not be that easy… by this i mean, they r leaving their neighbours, friends and usual environment to be in a place where the pple and the culture are different from wot they were used to…
    so u must prepare them before u make the trip. be sure ur wife fully supports the decision, be sure she is fully in it with u.
    with two small kids to cater for, the two of u would want to have proper jobs and these r easy to get.
    wot sort of education do u (by u i mean u plural i.e u and ur wife) have. that should help u get a job that should take care of the bare necessities while u settle down and get better qualifications that would help u stand.
    i am typing while all the time assuming u r going in legally and want to make the move cos u have all the documents to support u, cos without the documents, it might not be that easy and i am not sure u would want to put urself, ur wife and kids thru the hassles.
    wait a minute, u might want to move FIRST, settle in a bit and then move ur family over. that way they wouldn’t have to face the initial hassles… wot do u think?
    that being said, i have a suggestion about a church u could fellowship with while in UK. U could check out this link
    u would on this web page see phone numbers u could call to link u up with the nearest church chapter to u.
    i could have given u specific umbers to call but u see this is the internet.
    i hope all this helps. all the best in ur move tho, sure things might not be rosy at first but with determination and God in u, u’d be just fine.
    U might also want to consider what i suggested about u moving first and then after u have settled in (this could just be a week or even a month, it all depends on u!) a bit, u could move ur wife and family over.
    i am sure u want to protect her and ur kids, i mean no dad wants to see his baby girl (wifey… wink wink) and kids face the things he faces… so think about it…
    all the best and oh, happy new year!


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