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Is health insurance worth the money?

I have been with Bupa health insurance for years but have never used them. I’m 21, Do you think I’m to young to need insurance as I will most likely not need any untill I’m in my 40s. Is it a wast of money? Its only £52 a month so not to expensive but I suppose I could spend the money on things I enjoy. What do you think.
Oh, I’m british so have the NHS to fall back on if I’m ill. Its free.

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13 Responses to “Is health insurance worth the money?”

  1. cat.tuck2 said :

    Try one hospital visit/stay without it; the bankruptcy you’ll incur makes it worth it :)~

  2. aaaaaaa said :

    Its not worth it well your young. Later on when your older it might be an idea. use the money on something you enjoy

  3. Codi said :

    I never thought i would have needed insurance till my car accident 3 mo. ago that could have cost me 60,000 now I love my insurance keep it if you like to be safe if not don’t get hurt to bad.

  4. wonkyfella said :

    Hopefully you’ll never need to use it. But you will be so fecking glad you had it if you ever get ill. The NHS is slow, and incompetent. Bupa will get you seen immediately, and it may save your life.

    Think of £52 a month as an investment in your future, everyone gets ill sooner or later.

    Enjoy life now, and forget about that £52, pretend you never had it.

  5. LuckyLady said :

    YES, you need insurance. The very fact you are an adult is why you need it. You are no longer under your parents insurance plan unless you are in college. Don’t think your young age will make you exempt from the curse of disease.

    If you were to see a financial advisor he would tell you to also obtain disability insurance too. At such a young age it is a shame how many disability accidents happen and lives are permanently changed. Insurance, for a very small amount of money would make a difference in those lives.

    Good Luck with your decision!

  6. christine m said :

    You could pay for a private consultation if you feel you need one and not happy with your nhs doctor/consultant and then pay private for your treatment,
    perhaps put some money away each month to cover any private treatment you might need in the future and trust to luck, but if you can afford it now you might not be able to in the future when other committments/family come along.
    Or if the firm you work for offers private health care thats another road to look down.

  7. clanga123 said :

    try spending a night on an NHS ward, next to winos, weirdos and mad people that shout all night! That £52 will sound like a bargain! If you can afford it keep it, I have private healthcare for my family it costs about £120 a month, even if times were hard I would try to afford it.

  8. Insurance said :

    This is provided your health condition is OK when you reach 40.

  9. srracvuee said :

    yes very important you never know whats round the corner.//i was with BUPA for 20 odd years and had treatment when i needed it but unfortunately when my premiums reached several thousand i thought enough was enough but believe me two years after leaving i had to have major heart surgery so my personal advice is stick with them

  10. dukedrink said :

    My personal opinion is that you paying far too much if you are only 21 years old. If you shop around you will probably find the same level of cover or better for less than £30 per month at your age.

    With regards to Health Insurance, Is it worth it, my answer would have to be yes. Ofcourse nobody ever wants to claim but if you do you will be very glad that you have the cover in place. Health insurance is designed to treat short term acute illness and give you fast access to medical attention. The NHS is there for all accident and emergency and long term/chronic conditions.

    I had health insurance in place when i was your age and thought exactly the way you do but my father made me get it out as i worked for myself. If something happened to me i would require fast treatment and get back to work. I used it twice in my twenties for problems that came completely out of the blue, and i was extremely grateful that i has health insurance in place. If i did not i would of been on the mercy of the NHS and who knows how long it would of taken.

    If you want some good advice and maybe a new quote, check out as they are very helpful. Good luck.

  11. LilMiss said :

    Yes. It’s like having a savings for your health.

  12. sparkle555_2000 said :

    In the UK, I personally don’t see the point in buying health insurance, as the NHS provides free healthcare anyway. I don’t know of any other country in the world which provides such a comprehensive free-at-point-of-need healthcare system.
    On the other hand, if your employer pays most or all of the premiums on your behalf, then you may as well accept it. I know some companies in the UK provide health insurance for their senior employees, so that if they fall ill they don’t have to take so much time off sick because they will be treated more quickly.

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