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Would you recommend Norwich Union private Health / Medical insurance?

Please can anyone give me their opinions on this health insurance provider… I am not sure whether to change from BUPA to Norwich Union. The covers seem to offer pretty much the same things though Norwich Union is £45 cheaper per month. I just wondered if anyone had any good or bad stories or personal experiences they’d like to share about either company?

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2 Responses to “Would you recommend Norwich Union private Health / Medical insurance?”

  1. Peter W said :

    Norwich Union are a reputable company – which to my knowledge do not own any hospitals direct where as BUPA do.

    I have always felt that BUPA tended to give a gold plated service – for which you pay for – as well as having to fund the cost of their hospital , doctors and staff etc. whereas NU are more about covering actual costs of cover and weigh up the risks carefully on the policy side.

    You really have to look at the small print of the policies that are offered and the true level of cover and costs covered regarding and illness or condition.

    Its always a tricky one with health cover as all companies can be difficult over any condition believed to have been present before a policy start date but I don’t think NU are any worse than anyone else in this field. Another to consider is Standard Life – which I think compares similarly to Norwich Union.

  2. Dave S said : – my family have this health insurance. It is affordable and has good coverage for dental issues.


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