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Are there private medical insurance companies who cover pre-exisiting conditions?

I’m asking on behalf of someone I know who needs extensive dental treatment. His current oral health is due to neglect and he’s been quoted in the region of about £10k to have it done privately. He is temporarily employed on a permanent basis and has a low income. I don’t believe there’s a cheap solution except perhaps dentures but would appreciate any suggestions. Can anyone suggest any options to look into?

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2 Responses to “Are there private medical insurance companies who cover pre-exisiting conditions?”

  1. Jay & Tiffany said :

    Not so sure about this. I got a quote on insurance awhile back, and usually going through a “middleman” or whatever you call it, will give you alot of info about these companies and what they cover. So basically what I did is I went to a website that offered free quotes, and I asked them some questions similar to what you’re asking, and they were able to answer them all. Hope that helps. Best way is to just ask from a trusted source like this. It’s not like you have to buy right away.

  2. Phil said : – here is my health insurance plan. As I remember they can provide such a service.


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