Can you claim for “gum treatment” under your health insurance.?

We have private health cover at work, but we’re not covered under “dental”. Do gums come under the same category as “dental” work. The gum treatment is not cheap circa £150 for the initial visit and god knows what they will charge after that for the treatment. I’m just wondering if I can “wing it” with the health insurance company and argue that gums are not dental (worth a try?)!

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2 Responses to “Can you claim for “gum treatment” under your health insurance.?”

  1. Jan409 said:

    Dental Health = Oral Health

    and Oral is anything to do with the mouth,gums, teeth etc

    So sadly, I’d say you were probably not covered

    Why don’t you speak to a dentist,preferably an NHS one,

    and see what he can suggest regards costs and treatments

  2. Me Mosa said:

    Health insurance is down-right weird with some things! For example: not all insurances, even specific dental insurances, will cover ‘deep cleanings’/’gum treatments’. OR Some dental insurances will not cover wisdom teeth removal, whereas the medical portion of your insurance will cover them.

    Best thing to do is talk to your insurance company on the phone. They will tell you exactly what your insurance will cover on the dental side of things. Your dentist will also most likely have this information as the receptionist will have to call and check your coverage before the appointment anyway.


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