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How do health insurance premiums go down if private insurance is forced to cover preexisting illnesses?

99% of the claims made in favor of the house health care bill are outright lies. It is amazing that people believe these things. Explain to me how if private insurance companies are forced to cover people with preexisting illnesses and not allowed to discriminate on a variety of factors, costs go down.

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8 Responses to “How do health insurance premiums go down if private insurance is forced to cover preexisting illnesses?”

  1. Zap said :

    Through the competition of a “public option” that would also be required to insure those with “pre existing” conditions.

  2. Curtis 1911 said :

    I would rather the government subsidize the few and not change the many.

    Insurance companies cover bad drivers with DUI’s too, in fact there is competition for them.

    How many times have you seen those commercials on TV, “DUI, No Problem, SR22, No Problem, Accidents, No Problem”, call Cheap Insurance.

  3. Buying is Voting said :

    “99% of the claims made in favor of the house health care bill are outright lies.”

    That looks anecdotal, which gives it a certain ironic hue. Otherwise, this question is a very obvious one. People aren’t thinking critically about what they’re being told.

    You don’t even have to have taken an economics course to understand what drives insurance costs. But a lot of people still don’t seem to understand.

  4. pissedoffbastard13 said :

    The cost isn’t going anywhere but up. Any rational person knows that, but this debate is fueled by emotion, not logic.

  5. Ramjet said :

    That’s not the whole problem.

    Insurance companies have tons of money. They can easily influence what you hear on the radio.

    If something threatens the almighty $, they will make sure the proper hypnosis gets run on the public.

  6. JK said :

    Simple read how UK (Our Cousin) does it. There system of healthcare is not flawless but they don’t let people just die because of no insurance and they lets doctors be the professionals they were supposed to be. They also ration there healthcare system in which the elderly are of course excluded from many public health care treatments and they must resort to private healthcare. Are they socialist? No. Are they Fascist? No.

  7. sportsman1954 said :

    Why does that question sound so much like a death panel?

  8. Tom R said :

    my answer is i dont know but i know with regulation it will. how? because we spend more than any other country in the world and we dont cover them and they do. maybe its stopping the inflation on drugs. in the movie sicko you see a 911 worker getting medicine in cuba that cost her 120 dollars here and five cents there. maybe its incentivising wellness rather than rewarding bad jobs. doctors today make more money by keeping patients sick now. i dont understand how a plane flys or how a car engine works but i have seen them work. i see these systems working overseas. an i see the people there doing better. sometimes doing the ethical thing is the best thing for us economically too. for example the environmental breakthroughs that we will create will get the world importing from us.


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