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Does anyone have private medical insurance? If so, who with and how much is it per week?

I’m interested in taking out a medical insurance policy. Thank you. Who’s the best?

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5 Responses to “Does anyone have private medical insurance? If so, who with and how much is it per week?”

  1. lori b said :

    i have insurance through blue cross and it cost 386 a month

  2. DuSteDShaDoW said :

    As an Agent, I can tell you that a policy issued individually can range depending on Health Status, and Pre-existing conditions.

    An underwriter will ask medical questions to determine rate as well as eligibility.

    The policies I issue range from $200 a month, up to $1300 a month.

  3. Zarnev said :

    “Who’s the best” should not be the question. The question should be who is best for me?

    Each persons’ need is different. Do you need unlimited doctor visits or do you seldom see a doctor? Do you have a pre-existing condition, if you do what is that condition? Do you take medications regularly, if so what? Do you want maternity coverage? Do you want preventive care? Do you have a regular doctor and do you want to stay with that doctor?

    An independent agent knows all the plans in your area and can analyze your need and match you up with two or three companies that will meet your need best. You can then decide upon the company based upon: claims history, strength of the company, the doctor network, as well as the premium.

    The company that’s best for you neighbor may not be best for you. In fact, the company that’s best for your spouse may not be best for you. Most people don’t consider having different companies within the same family; not all companies have reduced family rates. One company may be better overall for one age group while another company is better for another age group. One company may be better overall for a particular health problem while another company is better for another health problem. One company may be better in one part of the country while another company is better in another part of the country.

  4. srracvuee said :

    i was with BUPA for 25 years until a few years back when my premium rose to over £5000 so i called it a day. I would recommend them to you and if your a young person your premium should be reasonable

  5. Michelle D said :

    There are so many choices out there…do your homework and check each plan out before you buy. Each plan is different and offers different things. You have to consider your premiums, co-pays, and your out of pocket after you meet your deductibles.

    I have looked at this for so long and you think that you have the best possible plan and then you find out that there is some level of coverage that is omitted.

    I am an IBO for AmeriPlan® we are a discount Health Benefits company. We are not insurance. With this plan you pay a premium monthly, you go to a plan physician, dentist, eye care facility, etc. and you pay a set fee for your service at the time of service. There is no co-pay, deductible to meet, forms to submit, etc. There is no age limit, we accept ongoing conditions and no limit to the amount of times that you use the service.

    We offer Dental, Vision. Chiropractic and Prescription. All for less than $20/month for an entire household. You can have Medical coverage with you primary care physician and ancillary care for less than $60/month for an entire household.

    We have the highest rating possible with the BBB, the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, CHA, NADA, etc.

    Feel free to call me for additional information if needed. I will be happy to help.


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