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Health Insurance for International Students in the US?

I’m hoping to go to Connecticut to study for a couple of years in January 09. I’m trying to work out what my outgoings will be and am wondering if anyone knows how much health insurance will be likely to cost me as an international student? Does anyone know if students can get cheaper insurance due to lack of income and also I wondered if anyone could recommend an insurer who has a good reputation but not too expensive?
Many thanks Alison

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3 Responses to “Health Insurance for International Students in the US?”

  1. Lori S said :

    You might want to check with the college or university you will be attending. They might have this or be able to point you toward some companies that offer it.

  2. said :

    Many times students can find a very cheap health insurance plan . However, sometimes it can be difficult if one has health problems.

    If you are perfectly healthy then it is pretty easy to find a good student health insurance plan for under $100/month.

    Be sure and choose a highly rated company like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, or United Healthcare.

    Make sure that you choose a plan that has comprehensive major medical coverage to protect you in the case of a large medical bill.

    Here is some more information on finding student health insurance:

  3. Student_man said :

    you can always get advice from other students



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