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Any advice on decent good value pet health insurance in the UK?

My partner and I have just got a cat, and we’d like to get insurance to cover vet bills should she get ill. Does anyone have any advice on relevant companies? Are there any to avoid, or any that have especially good deals?


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5 Responses to “Any advice on decent good value pet health insurance in the UK?”

  1. shawden said :

    I went with the RSPCA as the cover that they offer is brilliant for £8 a month, my cat is 4 years old and we got him from the RSPCA so we also got a discount from them.
    Also looked at Tesco as you get clubcard points with them

  2. poodle power said :

    The best insurance comany for pets is petplan but they are also the most expensive they cover any illness injury for the life of the pet. The others will cover a certain amount for each illness or injury. The more the monthly payments are usually means the better the cover. I would advice doing a search on the intrenet and have a look at what each company offers. I am with Morethan and have found the to be very good paying on any claims quickly with not problems. It is a great thing you are doing getting insurance for your cat as it is one of those things you are glad you have when you need it but would much perfer you don’t ever need to use it.

  3. Hot said :

    I search for answer

  4. leah308 said :

    I would recommend Marks and Spencers pet insurance, I got a really good deal for both my yorkies.

  5. Evan said :

    Why don’t you join some pet’s forums or visit some blogs? They can help you out in many ways.


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