Where should I go for medical insurance in Shanghai?

I’m moving to China to live in Shanghai as an ‘expat’, and I want to get health insurance that isn’t too expensive but will still cover me if I go traveling or whatever. I’m looking to work on a temporary basis so I don’t think I can get it through my employer. Also, I heard that Chinese hospitals won’t treat you unless you pay up front… anyone?

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  1. CLIVE H said:

    Try the links below . . . .

    Shanghai Health Insurance – Pacific Prime International – As a result, China—mainly Shanghai—has become a new market for international medical insurance companies. Many international residents and the expanding …

    Health: International healthcare, medical insurance – Shanghai …Shanghai, China: International healthcare plans, international medical insurance for expatriates, expatriate insurance, expat health insurance, …

    The above two have been pulled out of the list from the link below. . .

  2. Anthony T said:

    You would definitely want to get some insurance if you’re going to be spending any amount of time living in China, so it’s a pity you can’t get it through your employer. The cheaper hospitals in the country are, to be honest, a little scary and any hospital you would consider up to international standards can get quite expensive which could really hurt for you if you’re only doing temp work.
    I did some searching when I moved to Beijing a few months ago and ended up going with this company called Pacific Prime which has been pretty good so far. Staff has been really helpful and the guy I spoke to at the company spoke great English and pointed me in the direction of some of the better hospitals in my area. The nice thing is that since I’m traveling in and around China a lot my plan covers me wherever I’m going so you don’t have to worry about that one.
    Hope this helps!

  3. ? said:

    As you are not a citizen of china,plus your job here is very temporary,as you said,so it’s unlikely for you get any national insurance as welfare.
    You can also try to buy yourself from insurance companies,but that depends on how long will you be here,and which country are you from.you know,many companies don’t want to run into trouble,and they have different policies,you’d better ask one by one.

  4. alan m said:

    why not simply get one year travel insurance from uk before you leave. !The plans above are indeed good Health insurance but you need more than that covered I think !

  5. stephen g said:

    Yes it true you have to pay a deposit when you go into hospital, I had to pay 5,000 yuan to start with, then after only three days was asked for more money, try China life insurance or go online, enjoy your time in China


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