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What percent of medical insurance does your company pay?

I’m interested to know what percent other companies pay of employee medical health insurance. I did not find any published surveys.

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9 Responses to “What percent of medical insurance does your company pay?”

  1. sl2050 said :

    mine pays everything (100%)…even our copay!

  2. murrayc said :

    All of our employees pay for their insurance 100%. The company pays 0%. We are a small company and the premiums are too high for us to pay for everyone.

  3. mbrcatz17 said :

    Ours pays about 60%.

  4. Custo said :

    I read in an insurance publication from 2006, most (50+ ees) employers pay 70-80%. EE contribution is 20-30% of premiums + copays, deductibles, and coinsurance.

  5. Sue said :

    My company pays 50% (insurance agency of about 65 employees), my husband’s company pays 80% (manufacturing company with over 100 employees). Both my old agencies in NJ paid 100% (one with about 30 employees, the other with 5 employees)

  6. aaron p said :

    This is private company information, so you won’t find a big published list. Could you imagine how that would get abused?

    Mine pays 0%.

  7. Classy Granny said :


  8. gervoi said :

    It is up to the individual company. The is currently no law on the book that says you have to pay for, or even offer insurance. While it used to be a standard part of a compensation package it is now used more to attract and keep quality employees. My advice is buy the best and most that you can afford. (if it is zero, then so be it) Health insurance is a hot-button ticket these days. Offering any kind at all makes you a more attractive employer.

  9. Stupid Flanders said :

    You will find that they are all over the place in the percentage that companies pay.

    Typically, white collar jobs (professional, desk jobs, etc) will pay a higher percentage than a blue collar (construction, retail, etc.)

    I work in a white collar position and mine pays for 90% of my health coverage and 50% for dependents (wife, kids)


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