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What health insurance company is best for a kid?

I am looking for a good and reasonably priced health insurance provider for my 9 year old son. Insurance through my work is outrageous so I’m looking for an outside provider. His mother is suppose to have already put him on CHIP with the state of TX (by court order) but she refuses to do so for some reason. I hate the idea of him being without health insurance. Anyone had any good experiences with certain companies? Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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3 Responses to “What health insurance company is best for a kid?”

  1. yee said :

    State health plans are often among the best coverage, least expensive plans around for kids. However, if that’s not an option (as you’ve indicated), then check into an individual plan for your son. As you found out, putting him on your plan at work will probably give him pretty good benefits, but group plans usually assume that, on average, there will be 2.2 kids/employee; therefore, someone with 1 or 2 pays more while someone with 3 or more pays less (hey, that’s how insurance works: it “averages” things out across a lot of people). However, by buying an individual plan for him you’ll only pay for “his” coverage. Further, you’ll be better able to get a less expensive plan that might be better suited to his actual needs.

    Try this site, if you want to find the best or the cheapest health insurance just in one minute,

    Here you can get free quotes from different companies in your area, its the best way to find an affordable health insurance with a reliable company.

    Hope this help,

  2. John said :

    I’m in Florida..and a licensed agent. I have my children on BCBS of FL
    I like the plan and services have been great! However, almost all health insurance companies offer a plan for children… Call an agent ( Independent agent) and get quotes from ALL. Good luck

  3. Ruben said : has a short form you fill out and they will give you rates from all kinds of different providers.


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