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health insurance expat in Tanzania?

I need a decent health insurance to cover me for a year whilst liviing and working in Tanzania. It has to be one that offers air lift from scene of accident as ambulances do not exist in the area I am living. Any help out there…and discounting the ambulance part any recommendations. For small things we have a very good on site doctor..I am more concerned with tarvel whilst away from work or critical illness requiring ambulance to a decent hospital.

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2 Responses to “health insurance expat in Tanzania?”

  1. Kwa Nini Hufahamu? said :

    When I lived in Tanzania, I used a division of Clements International. You can check them out at Also, try talking to your employer as they may have a better idea of what the options are for ExPats. Depending on your home country, you can also talk to the various embassies for advice.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Lyndon said :

    When I worked in Dar es Salaam I used they provided me with international health insurance for the 2 years, when I was based there. Depending on your employer, they may offer you comprehensive medical coverage, but it is best to check to includes ambulatory services.

    Enjoy your time in Tanzania.


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