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what is the best medical insurance company to use for a family of six in america?

We currently live in the UK, are in good health and will be moving to texas soon.

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5 Responses to “what is the best medical insurance company to use for a family of six in america?”

  1. Bakaneko said :

    Watch SiCKO , the Michael Moore video before you move.

    Maybe it would be healthier to move to Cuba and commute to your new jobs.

  2. jessica h said :

    All i have to say about that is thank goodness i live in australia heathcare is the last thing i have to worry about. Americas healthcare system is so 3rd world considering they are meant to be the most advanced country in the word youd think they could look after their citizens with something as basic as free healthcare!

  3. Diana B said :

    i am a memebr of afamily of 6 and money is tight therefor we have univera family health plus we dont have to pay and it is good covers vision dental and everything else.

  4. Pat D said :

    Hi, I know of a great health Benefits Company and their prices are 19.95 to 59.95 and that icnludes the whole family??? It is the number one health benefits company in the nation and it is Tops!!! Go to
    or email me for information at [email protected]
    have a good day!!!!

  5. Santos Guppy said :

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