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Do I need health insurance to register with a doctor in Amsterdam?


As I don’t have a job yet and can’t afford Medical Insurance, is it possible to register?

I need to arrange to have a Cervical Smear test which I’m hoping my UK E128 card will cover?


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3 Responses to “Do I need health insurance to register with a doctor in Amsterdam?”

  1. [email protected] said :

    Everyone has to have medical insurance in holland ….go and ask in your local town hall in amsterdam they are most helpful…..i use to live in Rotterdam also had a problem with insurance…but it was resolved after speaking to the town hall

  2. bla bla said :


    Yes I am afraid you will need health insurance as they will bill the insurance company for any visits/procedures. As it is mandatory in the Netherlands for all residents to have it, then it might be a bit risky to admit you don’t have it

    I have different insurance because of the coverage with my husband (working for an International Organisation) and the doctors bill me directly, and I then I pay them and get it re-embursed. However they still require proof of insurance upon registration (I moved withnin NL at the end of last year so had to go through the procedure again)

    I don’t know what the E128 so I looked and it is on the basis of the EHIC, and this entitles you to emergency cover only and a smear test won’t be covered by this.

    You could of course try to contact a couple of doctors and see if they will bill you directly for the work (e.g. saying you haven’t got the insurance yet but are arranging it) and then you have to pay the bills for it. However I do think there is a big risk here as I mentioned

    If you check the official site then it confirms “You must take out health insurance within 4 months after you move to the Netherlands. If you do not do this within 4 months, you will be fined and you will have to pay all your medical expenses yourself”.

    So there is a risk of a fine which is not what you want.

    If you want to look for a policy and understand a little Dutch, then you can check this site to find the best (cheapest) one for you

  3. Orla C said :

    You should be able to avail of the state medical scheme, if you have your documentation.


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