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What happens in America if you are knocked down by a car and have no medical insurance?

Just curious as in the UK health care and everything is free no medical insurance needed. And not everyone in the U.S can have medical insurance?

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7 Responses to “What happens in America if you are knocked down by a car and have no medical insurance?”

  1. Buster Hymen said :

    The hospital will treat you anyway, and the taxpayers will foot the bill. Health care is not free. Those in the U.K. are heavily taxed.

  2. Dan S said :

    I think all charges then related to the accident would need to be covered by yourself.

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  3. Señor Sñarky said :

    The car insurance would pay for your bills. If it didn’t then you could sue the person who hit you. Otherwise (like if it’s a hit and run) you’re stuck with the bill. The hospital is required to treat you so it’s not like you’d be left on the street to die, but you might have a headache trying to clear the bill.

  4. Joe B said :

    The drivers insurance would pay for your damages assuming they take responsibility. Otherwise, you end up with a massive bill, it will change in 2013 when our health care reform takes effect.

  5. Michael C said :

    Assuming the driver takes off and can’t be found… Emergency rooms are required by law to treat you. We don’t leave anyone to die in the streets. If you can’t pay the bill, the hospital ends up eating the costs. Actually the rest of us do because it results in the medical bills and insurance rates the rest of us pay getting jacked up.

  6. Dr. Wigglefarmer said :

    You go to the hospital and get treated. They will bill you and you send the hospital bills to the other persons car insurance company. If they don’t have insurance, you would have to sue them for the cost of the bills.

  7. shauni williams said :

    Someone told me that if you have no health insurance in America and you get sick the hospital will run your name through a special computer system to see if you are on welfare. If you are they will deducted some money of your welfare payments. I found this shocking. Do hospitals really do this?


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