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Can I obtain medical insurance despite my medical condition?

I have 2 herniated discs in my back and I need to take medicine on a regular basis. Is it still possible for me to obtain and medical insurance in order to help pay for my medication? I used to be under my husband’s insurance but he passed away and the insurance is no longer. He got through his employer and so i cannot use it since i dont work for the employer. Can i still get insurance?? I’m 56.

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4 Responses to “Can I obtain medical insurance despite my medical condition?”

  1. Lemme guess said :

    You probably could still get insurance, but the bad news is that the insurance company will almost certainly include a rider stating they won’t cover anything related to your back problem.

    If all you need is the medicine, go to the website of the company that makes it and apply for assistance through them.

  2. TN2Vegas said :

    Sorry to hear about your husband.
    Yes, you can get insurance…it might cost you out the wazoo but you can get it. Are you disabled? You might be able to draw disability and get government assistance. Good luck!

  3. Rx_Mich said :

    The conditions of insurance coverage vary widely. If you go to work for a large corporation that has insurance coverage benefits, they often negotiate deals with the insurance company that they cover ALL their employees without regard to pre-existing conditions. There may be a a time lag of 6 to 9 months before coverage starts.

    If you purchase insurance on your own then most often there is a clause that prevents coverage for pre-existing conditions. This may or may not be permanent. (Another words some policies will have an exclusion for 2 to 3 years then cover you unconditionally)

    I would suggest contacting an insurance underwriter that represents multiple companies and can tell you the rules of each one. They will also gather the information on the cost. It could easily be more than $1,600.00 a month for coverage based on your age so you have to look at the real cost for your medication and see if the cost of the coverage is really outweighed or not. That being said, you should have some form of insurance to cover you from other things that happen in life. God forbid you have a completely different severe health event in your life and no coverage.

    You can e-mail me and I can look at your medications you are currently taking to see if there are less expensive ways to cover the pain. There are only a couple of manufacturers of the patch delivered pain meds and they are very expensive but other oral forms of medication are rather cheap in comparison.

  4. cannon2007 said :

    I have had chronic back pain for four and a half years. I use opiates. They do the trick for me…I say that unless a person has experienced it, they have no right to judge.

    Anyway, I am a broker for AmeriPlan. I don’t do insurance so I use their dental plan (which also covers prescriptions, chiropractic and vision). they cover up to 25% on name brand scripts and up to 50% on most generics. It is not insurance but it helps. It’s only $20/mo. so I more than break even just through my prescriptions alone!

    Check out the link above and contact me if you’d like some help. (No matter what plan people get, with AmeriPlan, we do deal with pre-existing conditions.)

    Good luck…I hope your pain get’s better 🙂


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