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What affordable health insurance would you recommend for my uninsured 21 year old daughter?

She works full time but her employer charges an outrageous amount of money for health insurance. I know there are many many young people who don’t have health insurance, mostly because of the cost of high insurance premiums. But my daughter really needs it cause she has some health issues that will stay with her for a lifetime.
thanks everyone!

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6 Responses to “What affordable health insurance would you recommend for my uninsured 21 year old daughter?”

  1. triodifresco said :

    I have news for you, if she doesn’t have insurance NOW, she’s going to be screwed.

    If she has pre-existing conditions and gets private health insurance, they are not going to approve ANYTHING related to those conditions for at least a year.

    Her best bet is signing up with her employer at the next open enrollment and paying the higher premiums. Then she can get a secondary insurance for a year and drop the employer’s insurance plan.

  2. navi said :

    Health insurance is obviously tied to your life style, sports activities etc., and in many cases inherent illness in the family. If your daughter has problems she would have to declare them to insurance co. and this will put premium up. If she doesn’t declare then when she is ill and they check her medical records they will not pay out. So get quotes and compare with existing policy that her employer runs. I would suggest that she is better off on the works one until she changes her job.

  3. trishypatrick said :

    CIGNA is pretty good. I have their Starbridge Choices plan. I pay 21 dollars every two weeks for my husband and i.

  4. dremadagwa said :

    this link will help u

  5. Zarnev said :

    An individual policy may be less expensive, however an individual health policy can do several things depending on her health issue. They could increase the premium, they could exclude her health issue from 6 months to permanently, or they could decline to accept her. A call to a local agent that works with all the major companies in your area could answer your question.

    A group policy has to accept her. They may exclude the pre-existing condition up to 1 year but it may be her only choice. Everyone on the group policy pays the same premium, no matter their age or health. The bad news is if the group is small enough and if her condition is expensive it would eventually raise the premium for the entire group.

  6. jack said :

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