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Is the cost of private medical insurance (such as BUPA) tax deductable?

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5 Responses to “Is the cost of private medical insurance (such as BUPA) tax deductable?”

  1. fengirl2 said :


  2. Ryan said :

    Medical Expenses are deductible. The definition of medical expenses per the IRS website. “Medical expenses include insurance premiums paid for accident and health or qualified long-term care insurance. You may not deduct insurance premiums for life insurance, for policies providing for loss of wages because of illness or injury, or policies that pay you a guaranteed amount each week for a sickness.”

    Hope this helps…

  3. Biscit said :

    You metion BUPA so you are very obviously in the UK, I don’t know how the person above mentioned IRS rules!

    My employer pays for my medical insurance. I am actually taxed on this as a benefit in kind. So no it is not tax deductable, it is a personal expense as much as food and clothing.

  4. DIXIE said :

    Only if having it is a condition of employment but generally no

  5. jerry z said :



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