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Question from the UK for American citizens who have medical insurance.?

What is the cost of medical insurance per adult if you live in the USA.

My son will be going to live in the USA within the next few months (Calafornia), what would decent medical insurance cost him.

what things will medical insurance cover and what will it not cover.

Do you have to pay to see a doctor (GP) on a standard or routine visit.

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4 Responses to “Question from the UK for American citizens who have medical insurance.?”

  1. urrrp said :

    depends on his age. If he is young and healthy you can get a “high deductible” policy ($1-2,000) for $2-300 per month probably. That means if he is in a bitg accident you pay $1-2,000 and he is covered up to a $1mill or so.

  2. cheekybear said :

    A comment from a Brit….this is one of the big issues in the upcoming US election as so many US citizens have no access to health care….what a dreadful situation considering the wealth of the nation….I praise the wonderful but flawed NHS

    EDIT..urrrrp…thats just dreadful for what was one of the world’s superpowers…I guess you are now really paying for the Bush administration…shameful

  3. Cranky Yankee said :

    In live in California and have coverage with Blue Shield. My 21 year old daughter’s policy costs me $250/mo. and mine (I’m 52) is $400/mo. When I see a doctor who is part of the BS network, I usually need to give them a $30.00 co-pay.

  4. ibiza199q said :


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