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Pregnant – need C.O.C.C letter from the NHS to prove Coverage in USA for medical insurance?

I am British and married to an US citizen. We are living in London since March 2007 and my wife has a spousal visa. She is now pregnant (12 weeks) and wants to go back to the USA (New Jersey) to have the baby.
This is causing me endless headaches due to the fact that they do not have any such thing as NHS but require everyone to have there own private insurance which since she is already pregnant they are trying to say she is not covered as its a pre-existing condition.
I would really be grateful if someone could help out or at least point me in the right direction. For us to get insurance that will cover the pregnancy we need to show that she has coverage here. They are asking for a letter C.O.C.C which is a letter from the NHS saying that she is covered and how long she has been covered. I have her NHS card but that states only from when she first registered, July. I have also enquired at my local PCT (NHS) but got no help.

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2 Responses to “Pregnant – need C.O.C.C letter from the NHS to prove Coverage in USA for medical insurance?”

  1. D B said :

    But the NHS is not private cover and we do not have reciprocal national health cover with the USA – only EU countries in the case of emergencies.

  2. JAM said :

    You could ask for help at Citizens Advice?

    I think your wife needs to be careful though, as flying in late pregnancy can be risky, you can’t really fly after 34 weeks so you would be looking to be in the States for a couple of months. Also, as you live in London, how are you going to get home and settled after the birth, or will you be living with relatives?

    If your wife wants her family around her for the birth, could they fly over to be beside her?

    Or, could you fly over for a 3 month holiday, with holiday insurance to cover hospital visits, and try and get insurance this way – making the most of your local midwifery and antenatal service until 34 weeks, get your 12 and 20 week scans and antenatal classes, and then have your baby born in NJ. Unsure if this will work though.

    NHS only covers you in Europe, but not USA – you will defo need seperate insurance, or you could win the lottery.

    Congratulations on the baby, and all the best for the future.


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