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I work for a carpet company. If I need medical insurance will they have it covered?

I would be floored if they didn’t. It is a rugged business.

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10 Responses to “I work for a carpet company. If I need medical insurance will they have it covered?”

  1. Nick said :

    Yeah berber!!!

  2. Ronatnyu said :

    I think they would lay you out & shag you …. deep shag at that!

  3. ????????? said :

    but raped in prison?

  4. Killjoy said :

    yes, no one can blame you if the carpet wrapped around you. It’s a risky business

  5. beth w said :

    They might just roll out a blanket policy for you, then again you need to be careful about getting shagged cause the prices are a deep pile.

  6. Bill G said : – my family have this health insurance. It is affordable and has good coverage for dental issues.

  7. Grant M said :

    I think they will cover you…. like you say it a rugged business… good luck… Grant M

  8. Ink Corporate said :

    you might get shagged , baby

  9. Marianne_not_Ginger™ said :

    If not, you’ll find you are in a deep pile. Just make sure to also invest in a Vacuum policy. It will clean up all of your old unnecessary health care routines that sucked the life out of you. Get something that is sturdy and stands up well in the test of time. Most companies cover their employees well. You might even be provided with other insurances besides health and life like car…pet.. and other policies. Good luck laying down the ground work!

  10. JOSHUA M said :

    Maybe You should try to google it first ,nonetheless, if you prefer some direct resource ,here might be helpful.


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