What do i need to prepare in terms of medical insurance when i visit the US next month?

I’m travelling alone for the first time to the US and have no idea what i’d do if i got hurt/injured while out there, help???
(All i have is my european medical card with me)

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4 Responses to “What do i need to prepare in terms of medical insurance when i visit the US next month?”

  1. pseudonym said:

    Normal travel insurance will cover any medical expenses you incur.

    You can compare the prices of different policies at http://www.whichpolicy.co.uk/?advertid=2759&gclid=CNOGrcTMoZECFSRbEgod6wKnPA

    Travel insurance in the USA is more expensive than the rest of the world, because of their privatized healthcare system.

  2. Lizzy said:

    You need to take out full medical insurance and disclose any health problems you may have. The EU card will not cover you in the states as they are not in the EU.

  3. welcome news said:

    Why not just take travel insurance?

  4. Penfold said:

    Your EHIC card will not cover you in the US, simply because the US is not a member of European Union. You will need to take out travel insurance that will cover you for the States for at least the period you are going for.

    You will get your policy details and a business card of some sort with your name, policy number and medical contact details of the insurer. Make sure you carry this business card. This way if you do accidentally get hit by a bus, the hospital can contact your insurer directly on your behalf.

    I tend to use Worldwide Insure as my travel insurer. I have been using them since my backpacking days over 10 years ago and their customer service is pretty good – important if you do need to make a claim. To top it off, they let you see the policy and its small print before you buy so you know exactly what you are buying.


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