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Medical insurance and E111 Card?

I’m off to Venice for four days.
Do I have to have medical/travel insurance? I have an E111 card so will this cover me in their hospitals?
When Italians or French or other European people came to UK do they have to have travel insurance?

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5 Responses to “Medical insurance and E111 Card?”

  1. [[Dan]] said :

    Yes and Yes.

  2. Penfold said :

    The E111 has been replaced with the EHIC. You do need to have an EHIC so apply for one. You should also take out travel insurance to supplement your EHIC. Bear in mind that the travel insurance will not cover you for what the EHIC covers you for so if you do not have EHIC, you will have to pay for that medical treatment.

    Europeans should have EHIC and travel insurance when they come over to the UK.

  3. maggy_dnks said :

    Your 111 card will cover you for minor things but you do need medical insurance in case you break a leg or something I dont think it will cover you for somehting like that! its easy to arrange just ring up and do it its worth it for peace of mind.

    And yes people coming into the U.K. are covered for minor things but have to pay if its anything serious like a heart attack ( I think)

  4. **Kesha** said :

    you need travel insurance and you need your E111 card. Your E111 card entitles you to treatment in an EU hospital and your medical insurance covers the cost.

  5. luddite said :

    The EHIC only covers treatment that is free to the citizens of the country you are in. So, you will have to pay for a lot of stuff. The EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance. You are strongly recommended to get travel insurance too.
    Did you not read the information that came with your card, or looked at the foreign office’s website. It’s all there.


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