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What kind of medical insurance do I need for a visit to France?

My Wife and I are going to France for about a week and I was wondering from where can I get medical insurance for my trip. The French consulate says that we should be insured for atleast $40,000.

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3 Responses to “What kind of medical insurance do I need for a visit to France?”

  1. Rillifane said :

    I’ve never bothered getting special insurance and I can’t imagine why you should.

    Unless you are suffering from some chronic ailment there would be no point.

    In France, basic health care on the order of a doctor’s visit is inexpensive and available without having to show proof of insurance. A doctor’s visit, for example, costs 31 euros.

  2. Rose T said :

    The only time I’ve had special insurance was during a study abroad trip. Before buying anything extra, check with your normal health insurance provider. They will probably cover expenses abroad, but it will be a reimbursement program rather than just showing your card at the doctor’s office.

    If you would feel better having special insurance, you can google “travel insurance”. There are lots of options that will probably cost about $100 per person for the length of stay you indicated.

  3. Oliver said :

    The French consulate is looking for a specific travel insurance type in order for you to enter the Schengen area. It is because of a European regulation and it depends on your nationality.

    you can find the info you need at this travel insurance website
    FYI, Axa is one of the largest insurance company in the world (3rd largest?). It is French based too, which is probably good with the French consulate.

    It will cost you about $22 per person, which looks like a good price.


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