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Where can I find a cheap short term individual health insurance plan, California/New York?

I have dual citizenship, US and UK but I’m British and live in the UK. I’m going to move to the US temporarily, and spend some time in California and New York. I won’t be working in any one job for more than three months so can’t rely on employee health insurance. So anyone know where I can get a cheap policy? I’m 22 non smoker female and BMI of 20. Thanks in advance for replies

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8 Responses to “Where can I find a cheap short term individual health insurance plan, California/New York?”

  1. Flower said :

    Your insurance in one state wont work in the other state. Health insurance companies have monopolies in different states. There are a network of doctors you may see and only in emergency can you be reinmbursed for an out of network or out of state doctor. I advise you to contact by phone a local independent insurance agent who can recommend the best company and the right plan for your situation. You dont have to get insurance if you want to pay cash. You can go to any clinic if you have the time and pay a nominal fee in any city. I am not aware of any short-term health insurance since many plans have waiting periods.

  2. steve said :

    Looking for health insurance can be confusing.
    I subject going online to
    They will help you with health insurance and get you a quote fast.
    You can compare the best plans and rates from some of the top health insurance providers.
    Good Luck and welcome to America.

  3. StephenWeinstein said :

    “Short term” insurance is a bad deal. Even if your need is short term, get a regular policy, not a short term policy, and cancel when your need ends.

    In New York, it is illegal for the company to consider your exact age (they can consider the fact that you are not a child or elderly, but they must treat everyone from 19-64 the same) or that you are a non-smoker or what your BMI is. Everyone from 19-64 must be charged the same amount, which is not cheap; no one can get cheap individual health insurance in New York. You will have to pay the same expensive price as an obese 64-year-old chain smoker who already has cancer.

    In California, there are many options available, but “Tonik” is usually recommended for someone from 20-24 who does not want to spend much.

  4. Jenny T said :

    Common situation you met like many other people,be patient,and check the resource here    i found very useful for me to solve my similiar problem.

  5. Victor said : – my family have this health insurance. It is affordable and has good coverage for dental issues.

  6. Gerry said :

    I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes so you can find the best option for you

  7. P H said :

    If you are sure you only need coverage for 6 months, short-term insurance is a good way to go. It is NOT for people who need coverage longer, because they will not renew it after the term of the contract. I have purchased such coverage for myself when between jobs and for my daughter when she finished school and before she started work. The only company I am familiar with is Fortis/Assurant Health but there are others.

  8. Jack said :

    Assurant Health is pretty well respected. Remember also, at least in the US, many are ineligible for short term health insurance. Some of these ineligible groups include people over the age of 65, dependents over the age of 19, and individuals with preexisting health conditions. It doesn’t really sound like you are in these groups, though. Good Luck.


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