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What exactly is dental insurance and how is it different from medical insurance?

I’m sixteen and just got a job as a receptionist at a Dentist’s office and I know I’m not going to get a strightforward and easy answer from digging around the internet so I wondered if anyone here could just give me a clear explanation as to what dental insurance is and how it’s different from medical insurance. Thank you!

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4 Responses to “What exactly is dental insurance and how is it different from medical insurance?”

  1. dobby said :

    demtal insurance works the same way as medical insurance but covers only dental work. some medical insurance will cover dental work but dental insurance will not cover other medical need just dental. in other words its medical insurance specifically for you mouth and nothing else.

  2. desiree c said :

    dental insurance is designed to help cover the cost of problems dealing with teeth jaw and such. While medical insurance helps with the cost of doctors, hospitals and medication.

  3. znr12 said :


    Dental insurance as the name suggest covers only dental related procedures. It depends on the policy sometimes it is supplemental to health insurance in general or just as a stand alone policy.

  4. Shay C said :

    Dental insurance is strictly for services related to dental procedures (i.e. routine cleaning, fillings, crowns, route canals, etc…) Medical insurance most often will not cover any costs for dental care unless the service is related to a medical condition, such as TMJ, any disease condition of the mouth, or accidental injury to the mouth or jaw. Medical insurance companies will sometimes cover tooth extractions or other dental surgeries. Ultimately, each Medical insurance company can determine what (if any) dental benefits to offer their subscribers. In the same respect, Dental insurance companies also have the right to determine what benefits they will and will not cover. If you are in a position where you need to verify customer’s insurance coverage, you may want to give the insurance company a quick call to verify what procedures they do or do not cover. Hope this helps.


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