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A dodgy medical insurance question (UK)?

I need an op for something that’s not deemed “urgent” (except by me!) and so i’m on a lengthy waiting list.

Will cost around £3000 privately which i dont really have.

Question is this: I find someone with medical insurance who’s happy for me to slip them some money and i pretend to be them and get it done.

What are the chances of getting away with it?

No answers mentioning jail and fraud etc etc – i know its a bit silly and probably wont take it any further but right now i dont fancy another 6 months of pain when it can be sorted with a 30 minute keyhole surgery op!

Assume i find someone with similar looks, medical history etc and that we don’t screw up.

What else would be needed?

I’ve never applied for insurance so have no idea how they know who you are – blood type, eye colour, etc etc

any input welcome.

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6 Responses to “A dodgy medical insurance question (UK)?”

  1. ascoile said :

    You might get away with it but the person whose insurance you used would be stuffed because it would count as a claim against them, it would also go on their medical records and their doctor would be involved

  2. Strawberry Tart said :

    you won’t get away with it. they have that persons unique medical records so they will know if you are pretending to be them.

    pay or wait…. it’s unfair but thats the NHS for you, too many people taking out that aren’t paying in.

  3. Barbie V said :

    dont think it will work to be honest – could you not take out a loan or try abroad it might be cheaper good luck anyways

  4. sailor said :

    Not a chance in Hell of getting away with that, too many people involved, Doctors, nurses, insurance company, the Guy you pick, you and the police at a later date

  5. PMU said :

    Ok, I won’t mention the jail/fraud thing. I would consider a few other things though. I don’t know much about private health care but I would imagine that the clinic carrying out the surgery would still have to contact your (the insurance holder) GP for your medical background. You might run into problems when the docs start quizzing you about your previous health, etc. For instance, it could be difficult if the insurance holder’s medical notes has one blood group and you have another. You would probably have a routine blood test before surgery, to confirm your blood group in case you need a transfusion and to make sure you aren’t anaemic.

    I’d also be a bit worried about what happens, in the worst possible scenario, the op goes wrong or if there were complications, as can happen, and if you became really ill and the insurance holder’s next of kin was contacted….

    Details of the surgery carried out would also be recorded on the insurance holder’s medcial notes at the GP’s surgery. Having the information recorded on the wrong person’s notes is potentially dangerous for both of you if the information is deemed relevant during a future illness.

  6. mark m said :

    You should be ashamed of yourself, I have just reported you.


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